High Wind Sailing off Cape Henry, VA

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This video was shot on June 20, 2011 on our return sail from Bermuda to Maryland aboard an Island Packet 40, Larking About. Thank you John and Nancy for treating us to a FULL GALE not one but TWO gales of 32 knots and MORE! What a trip of a lifetime. Thank you John and Nancy for being such good sailors and good friends….

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  1. I was only able to watch a few clips due to low bandwidth out here in the Rockies, but it was enough to make me want to get home and take ei' Lean out.

    Can't wait to watch the full thing.

  2. Radeen and Hayden,
    Summer vacation started for me yesterday. Now I can pretend I am retired for about 70 days or so. I'll try to be adventurous, but I think you win. What fun you are having. Be safe and I'll see you in Acadia. I'll meet you at the harbuh in my cah and we'll head out for some lobstah chowduh.(Thanks for the postcard!)

  3. OMG the video was amazing. The waves were huge….kinda scary, huh? definitely not the kind of sailing that you have taken me on. So glad your home safely. I've got one of the years tobuy back for retirement and working on the second. I can't wait to have adventures like you guys. Super love you both:)(Rhonda Lynn)

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