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Sunset from our Slip at Harbour Cay Club

What have we been doing since January 5…???

  • 5 Days installing the SSB radio
  • 2-3 Days motorsailing Marathon to Miami
  • 4-5 Days studying for the Ham Exams
  • 1 Day to actually take the Ham radio exams

….Weeks of simple living and peaceful life afloat on the boat in warm sunny Fl….

Kathy and Alan, good friends on IP420 Flatlander

Installing the SSB radio took 5 hard days, but our last two weeks at Harbour Cay Club weren’t all work! Kathy and Alan Huffman of IP-420 Flatlander came to stay in the condo for three days so they could meet the HCC group. They kindly offered transportation to ALL the transients, in search of dog food, hardware and provisions. We enjoyed the Pelican Key Information Center and learning about Flagler’s railroad. On their last evening, they made a delicious meal in the condo for Chuck and Lynn. What a delightful time!

Tiki Hut “Cone of Knowledge” 1700 gatherings are GREAT

We always enjoy the Tiki Hut gatherings for sunset, large and small. There were several group expeditions to Lencho’s for Mexican, The Stuffed Pig for breakfast and Lazy Days for happy hour. We really enjoyed our first Eric Stone music event at Salty’s. We had a few potlucks on the lanai, including a delicious cold meal of spinach avacado soup, freshly smoked pork and turkey, salad, bread, strawberries with orange dip and coconut cranberry truffles. Perfect for a warm evening and memorable as our last potluck together with some of our wonderful HCC friends.

Radeen and Hayden arrive to take their HAM EXAMs
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

After leaving Marathon, the greater part of four days was spent studying for the Ham license exams. Our hope was for one of us to pass the second level, so that we may use Winlink.org, a free SSB e-mail service. Mission accomplished! We both passed the Technician Exams and Radeen passed the General Exam. A big thank you to Keith and Blanca of IP-31 True Love for planning an interesting day in Ft. Lauderdale and providing transportation from the boat to the exam. Our celebratory dinner together afterwards was lots of fun!

So, Hayden installed the radio, Radeen passed the needed HAM General Exam, and it will now be Hayden who learns how to set-up and use Winlink.org, proving once again that we make a great team!

Here are a few Great Photos of returning to Miami

Sunset off Rodriguez Key, Hawk Channel, Florida Keys
Sunset sponsored by Verizon, note the Verizon Logo in the vapor trail
Channel Five Bridge, the old Flagler Railroad Bridge and the New US 1 highway bridge
HAM Radeen sailing past Miami on her way North to Miami Beach
Sunset over Miami as seen from anchor off Miami Beach, FL

The Question is….”Why are you sailing NORTH, and not over to the BAHAMAS?”


  1. We had planned to re-explore and re-enjoy Miami and Miami Beach.
  2. We have family visiting next week and the closest they could get was Hollywood.
  3. We planned to sail over to the Bahamas Feb 9th or later.
  4. Biscayne Bay is FANTASTIC and has so much to offer with so many anchorages. We LOVE IT! We wanted to return.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and of course a great story!

    Congrats on passing the exams… proof once again that you can teach young dogs new tricks.

    I always knew you guys were hams… now you have the card to prove it!

    We're looking forward to Tales from the Bahamas.

    Rock on.

    ps deleted my previous post due to spelling errors.

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