Hawk Channel to Channel 5

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Sailing Hawk Channel in 20 knots beam!

Departing Boca Chita at 0700 hrs we crossed over the sand bar exit at low tide and found 7 feet of water most of the way. This is a deep water for the Florida Keys, and we were happy to be pressing on towards our destination south. We exited Biscayne Bay for sea via the Angelfish Creek, which is very beautiful but has a known 5 foot reef at the exit to sea. We have been instructed by our local Captain Jim that there is 5 feet at low tide, trust that and DO NOT LOOK at your depth sounder or at the water. Lucky for us it was a mid rising tide and we crossed the rocky reef with 7 feet of water, so no worries.

Once at sea in Hawk Channel, we were able to set full sails, with reefed main, full 135% jib and staysail in a wonderful 18-20 knot beam wind! In the world of sailing, this is PARADISE – a dream day. Blue skies, puffy clouds, aquamarine colored water, and sailing at hull speed, it was as good as it gets. We sailed all day, racing to reach the entrance to Channel Five to get back into the Florida Bay side by sunset. Our navigation computer and route told us that we were right on schedule and that we would reach the anchorage by 1730 hrs, and that is exactly what happened. We motorsailed the last 40 minutes into Channel 5 and under the bridge, then turned south where we dropped anchor in Jewfish Hole. The sun was setting as we approached our two buddy boats, Long Gone and Catspaw so we were happy to get the the sails down and the anchor set. I rate today as a 9.5 on the sailing scale, it was a great day….Check out these photos and the color of the water!

The water is aquamarine color, 12 feet deep
Look at the teak contrasting with the blue water…amazing
A view from the bow under full sail with the beautiful water and skies
We are racing, trying to reach the inlet by sunset
Arriving at the anchorage, our buddy boats are already anchored

Google MAP of this location



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  1. Hayden and Radeen…
    This is good medicine for a guy with an IP on the hard in RI. The video is particularly therapeutic; thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas to the Marathon IP fleet, and please let Captain Jim know that Charlene and I are thinking of him and extend our best wishes.
    Rich W. s/v Azure Leizure IP 350-120

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