Hawk Channel 2012

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Exiting Angelfish Creek into Hawk Channel…narrow

Hawk Channel 2012. This is our second time sailing SOUTH in the Hawk, and, once again, it did NOT disappoint us. Flat water 1-2, winds 10-15 and 50 miles of close reaching. Who can ask for more in the sailing world? Not us. We LOVE Hawk Channel. Yesterday, we departed Dinner Key at 1500 hrs and ran down Biscayne Bay to Elliott Cay where we dropped anchor in the dusk. Easy run. In the AM, we were underway by 0700 hrs and transiting Angelfish Creek by 0800 at high tide, perfect. Exiting the creek we found 6 feet 6 inches of water as we passed over the reef. Our boat needs 4 feet 6 inches, so not a problem.

Tides here are only one foot, so there is not much to play with and you sure DO NOT want to run aground at this point. Once out in Hawk Channel, we set sail, a reefed main and a 110% jib due to the 15-20 knots of close beat winds. Lucky for us, Hawk channel slowly turns to the SW which would be cracking off and some easier sailing, and that is exactly what we did all the way down to Channel Five. Overall this is a full 65 mile day and it takes all day, but it is a great sail. From here, it is a simple 24 miles to our winter home of Harbour Cay Club where we will spend one month relaxing, reflecting and planning our first Exumas run. From Rock Hall to here has been 1,260 NM as our log shows. After such a distance, we will be very happy to STOP MOVING the boat and dock for awhile. It is a great life out here, we do love it, but we also love docking…

Here is a photo essay of the leg…

We left the Helicopters on Yachts Behind…..really!
We left the city of Miami Behind…..See YA
Sunset off of Elliott Cay, peaceful
Mommy called….bring the yacht home…so home they go!
Sailing Hawk Channel, absolutely beautiful. Reefed jib to 110%
Come on….salt spray all over the boat….everywhere….errrrr
Salt spray on the windshields, lower and upper…..will hand wash boat at anchor….errrrr
Beautiful sun setting over our bow, as we sail southwest
There it is, Channel Five and the old Flagler Overseas Highway Bridge and the new 65 footer


We are grateful for a beautiful day of sailing on beautiful blue waters. Tomorrow we will dock at Harbour Cay Club and take a break for one month as we enjoy Christmas and New Year’s there. Thank you for following along..,

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