Happy Birthday Radeen

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…Radeen heading to the Beach—

Celebrating a birthday in the Exumas ranks as one of the top places to celebrate, especially if you are like Radeen, who loves to swim, walk beaches, and hike trails. We spent her birthday doing exactly that and it was a very calm, peaceful and beautiful day. After hiking two trails and swimming on the ocean side, we had lunch at the St. Francis Resort and then went to a cruisers’ cocktail party at Hamburger Beach. Running the dinghy to the beach and taking photos of Radeen there was a joy and a gift for me as well. We count our blessings every morning and know we are in a very special time-frame of our lives. We sincerely appreciate our good fortune and this life we are living.  There is no better life for us.

Ocean side view from a southern trail. “Our” beach is at the top.

The cruising lifestyle is an alternative lifestyle and before you move into it, you think it will be difficult and challenging. Then after a few years of living the life, you recognize how wonderful it is and you know WHY people live this lifestyle. Sure, there are days that are challenging when the boat breaks down in remote locations or the weather is severe, but these times are fewer than expected. Of course, those are the stories you hear about because they make for great re-telling. Over all, the cruising lifestyle is peaceful and relaxing. Today, celebrating Radeen’s birthday, was a perfect example of a great day. Happy Birthday, Radeen, and thank you for making this cruising life aboard so wonderful.

Handmade pendant by a young sailor from Florida
Looking back to the harbor

Radeen on the beach

Look, we have this one mile beach to ourselves!

Radeen walking and reflecting

Heading to shore

Landing the dinghy on Sand Dollar Beach

Happy spot at the Bubble Baths

Returning to “home” our IP35, Island Spirit

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  1. Happy Birthday Radeen. So glad you are enjoying life so much. Wishing you many blessings, good health, and happiness in the coming year. Happy sailing! – Lesa Dailey

  2. A special day for a very special lady.
    You enrich the life of everyone that you cross paths with. Our lives are better from knowing you.
    Here's to many more years of life, love, health, and happiness.

    We love and miss you.

    Greg, Kate, and of course, the Doodles.

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