Greg Wins 100,000

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Image of the 100,000th pageview….

We have a winner of the 100,000th Pageview Contest! Congrats to the proud former owner of IP-350 Eileen, #1 Golden Doodle Master, RV Road Warrior, and very good friend, Greg, who captured the exact moment of the 100,000th pageview of this blog. Thank you to Greg for participating in and winning this world wide contest :-). Your calendar or T-shirt will be in the mail shortly.

As for Island Spirit, she is progressing slowly. Some of this slowness was due to diverting to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where Radeen and I enjoyed the beautiful wedding of Julia and Brain. Julia is the daughter of Anita and Mark, our good college friends of nearly 40 years. We were so happy to be included in this very special event. The Azul Fives resort was gorgeous and we enjoyed five days there, celebrating with their family and friends. More details to follow!

So, now we are back aboard and working on the mast rigging and cleaning and stowing every thing. Someday soon, we will be back to where we started, that being with a fully working perfect IP 35, just like we had in May when we ripped it all apart and trucked it to the factory!

The Current jobs are:

1. Install the mast
2. Install 3 sails
3. Install Bimini and Dodger and full enclosure
4. Wire up all antennas
5. Re-install SSB antenna and AT140 tuner
6. Wire up mast base connections for Radar, VHF, TV, B&G wind, lights
7. Change engine oil, clean engine room
8. Re-build alternator again with new parts improperly installed in Bahamas
9. Test radar and navigation system and GPS and AIS systems
10. Shake down and test drive train and all systems

Then, maybe then, we can move on and get cruising! Overall, we do not yet see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are simply working one day at a time, with no real schedule and no real place to be but here. Such is life on a cruising sailboat.

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