Green Turtle Cay

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SP Catspaw and our IP Fleet on the docks at Green Turtle

Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, Bahamas is in White Sound on the NE side of the harbor. This makes it a fantastic place to ride out a NE blow of 30+ knots. The other special aspect is that dockage fees are reduced by every dollar you spend in the pub and dining room, so you can party away your dock fees ….well….sorta! See details here

So, with the winds blowing 30 knots for 3+ days, we docked at Green Turtle Club and had an Island Packet Rendezvous with 6 IPs and 12 owners. We played dominoes, rode golf carts all over the island, walked the beaches, explored the town, and enjoyed the clubhouse, pub and dining room. Live it up we did, because we usually do not take a dock and we rarely take a dock for 3 or 4 days, but at the Turtle, it is difficult to leave…why should you?

Here are some great photos from Green Turtle Club…

A view from inside the club looking out to the docks at sunset
The Green Turtle Clubhouse, very comfortable
The reason why we stayed…the WHALE KEY Passage was closed due to swells and high winds
This is looking out to sea from Green Turtle, so way can you move south through the Whale.
The ladies of the fleet enjoy their own room
The men take over the pub room
Tom and Carie of IP37 Dragon’s Toy
Larry and Phyllis of IP40 Lark
Bobbi and Carey of SP Catspaw
Kathy and Alan of IP420 Flatlander
Radeen and Hayden of IP35 Island Spirit
Patricia and Eric of IP460 Cutter Loose
Drinking KALIK BEER and playing Mexican Train….ahhh

Hanging out on the beach at the Green Turtle Club….this is 200 yards from our boat

The “Girls” at the pub before dinner…what fun it is to spend time at Green Turtle

There it is…an Island Packet Mini-Vous at the docks of Green Turtle Club
This is the view of our flags when walking out of the dining room.

So, it has been a dream stay, once again, and have really enjoyed the location. If you ever sail into the Abacos, you need to make Green Turtle Cay and White Sand Bay to the north a MUST STOP destination. This is nearly as well run as the Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands and that is saying a lot about this location…..

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