Great Guana Abacos

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Great Guana Island and Nippers, and Grabbers Beach Bars

We arrived here at Fisher’s Bay after another wonderful day sail over from Marsh Harbor. This Sea of Abaco is so well protected and with Marsh Harbor as a base, one can easily explore all the beautiful islands surrounding this protected sea.

Our mission for going to Great Guana was to take in the beautiful beaches and to also attend the Barefoot Man Concert at Nippers Beach Bar. Barefoot Man is one of the most popular musicians in the Abacos, yet he is from Grand Cayman Island. He has written over 2,000 songs and has recorded 500 songs. His CDs and music is available for download everywhere and sold all over the Islands.

Barefoot Man and his band at Nippers, March 16, 2012

Nippers Beach Bar is THE place on Great Guana, although GRABBERS Beach Bar, which we are anchored off of, is just as popular. Nippers is built up high on a sand dune with a staircase of many steps down to the beach.

The beach is one of the most beautiful in the Abacos and just off the beach is a spectacular coral reef that you can snorkel out to and explore.

Island Packets at anchor, we are the gold flag to the right center

The day before the concert, we arrived and dropped anchor in Fisher’s Bay and then walked the beach over to Nippers to pre-test the “Nipper’s Juice” which we have been well warned about. The bartender said, drink no more than 3 and then walk the beach or else you will not know what you are doing!

As evident at the concert, most of us did not take to this warning and we all were under the influence of the NIPPER JUICE! Overall, it was a great time with our Island Packet Fleet. We had the best table in the house, thanks to SP Catspaw team for securing it at 1000am! The concert started at 1pm and lasted til 5pm with everyone dancing and having a great time.

Here are a few photos of the day…(note: these are the G rated photos!!!!)

Barefoot Man signing his autograph
Cheeseburgers and Kalik Beers overlooking Nippers
Barefoot Man takes the stage…i.e. Wood Deck next to the pool…
The crowd under control viewed from our upper deck table
Third Floor Deck was filled also and they were dancing on the tables….look out below!
The view looking out to the beach with table dancers and all..
The beautiful beach off Nippers on Great Guana Island 
Your foot sinks into the soft powdery sand
Hayden and Radeen at Nippers working the Nipper’s Juice…
Local famous island girl to the left, Nipper Juice Girl to the right
“Jean Jean the Dancing Queen” is the lady to the left, she danced more than anyone!
I have no idea who the yellow bikini girl is….and Radeen took the photo!
The Nipper Juice Glass and a Kalik beer….da drinks of choice for the dance floor

Today’s mission, snorkeling the reef, walking the beach, and taking in another famous Island Musician performing at 1-5 at Grabber’s Beach bar. Then tonight is another concert at Nippers with the Barefoot Man…not sure we can take much more….this is killing us! 🙂

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