Gloucester, Mass

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Fisherman Memorial for all those lost at sea
5,368 lives lost at sea since 1716!

Sailing from Scituate north across Massachusetts Bay can be a beautiful sail when the winds are west as we had. This places the boat on a beam reach so the seas were delightfully flat calm as we reached north towards Gloucester Mass, a place we have never visited. Since this was highly recommended by our good friends Ed and Sue K. we decided to stay in Gloucester for 2 days and search for the best chowder and all the town has to offer. Well, the town has not been disappointing!  From the downtown Federal anchorage spot to the beaches, town center, restaurants and charming shops all surrounded by the largest commercial fishing fleet in the USA, Gloucester is a very interesting harbor.

Bob, Martha and Hayden and the vast salt marsh

One of the highlights was re-connecting with fellow Island Packet friends Martha and Bob of IP-420 Entropy, who kindly picked us up at the Coast Guard Station for a driving tour of the Cape Ann area. Then we had a lovely seafood dinner at the Lobsta Land Restaurant located on the marsh where the sun setting made for a beautiful visit. Thank you, Martha and Bob, for your time and your hospitality, how kind of you!

Lobsta everwhere….FUN

As recommended by Martha and Bob, on Saturday we walked to the Fisherman’s Memorial, across the busy lift bridge at the Blynman Canal and then to the Causeway Restaurant to gladly wait in line the most delicious clam chowder on the planet!

We have not explored this town fully, so we will plan to return on our way south. Today we will continue north to the Isle of Shoals in NH as we progress toward Maine.

 Here are more photos of the Gloucester Ma area….

Good Harbor beach on the ocean, Cape Ann

Cape Ann, beautiful summer day
Commercial fishing boat, look at the scale, see the tiny people on the bow!

Even the bars and pubs serve Lobster!

Then of course there is Octopus as well….WOW
Sadly, the stats of those lost at sea, Gloucester Fisherman Memorial
5,368 residents lost at sea 1716 – 2001

Typical sights, whale watching ships all depart from here, we will see if we can find whales as well

Our boat anchored in the harbor, 28 feet deep, 150 feet of chain out, 9 foot tides!

Sunset over the Gloucester with town hall clock tower

Sunrise over the calm harbor from anchorage, beautiful day
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