Georgetown, SC contrast

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Radeen enjoying the Georgetown, SC waterfront

Completing the Waccamaw River run southbound, it is always a must to turn into Georgetown, SC. Diversity abounds in this quaint Lowcountry town, from a friendly main street to the Independent Seafood Co Op to the industrial smoke-belching paper factory.

Everywhere you turn there is something of interest. The waterfront, named Harbor Walk, provides free daytime public docking and dinghy docking and a beautiful, long boardwalk backed by pubs, shops and great restaurants. It is interesting to imagine Georgetown when it was a commercial hub for the surrounding plantation owners, who became extremely wealthy from growing indigo (before the Revolution) and rice (until the Civil War).

Photos of and around Georgetown, SC

Waccamaw River southern end, where the trees are larger and more open
Waccamaw River, just north of Georgetown, SC
Georgetown, SC shrimp boats
Morning light on shrimp boats as we depart Georgetown
Georgetown Paper Factory
Egret working the salt marsh
Bald Eagle overlooking the ICW (photo credit to Radeen!)

When traveling by sailboat, there is beauty everywhere to observe. Georgetown, SC is a place of diversity and beauty. It is comfortable here, and the people are kind and helpful. There really is a different atmosphere “down south” and we feel this here in Georgetown. Tonite we are anchored in Whiteside Creek (see our map pins) and then onto…Charleston!

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  1. Ah yes.. Georgetown, SC

    Former home of GS Steel. Purchased by Bain Capital in 1991. Gutted by Bain who made millions by stripping it bare and leaving behind a bankrupt shell. GS steel filed for Bankruptcy in 2001.

    Hundreds of G-town workers lost thier jobs. Managment of course blamed the unions and set townspeople one against the other as a union/non-union debate raged.

    In the end the company was sold and the few remaining workers are now earning way less than before.

    I wont say who was in charge of GS Steel during all of the time it was stripped bare and the workers roobbed of decent paying jobs, but just a hint….

    He's now saying how he will protect the middle class and create 12 million jobs!

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