George Town Work

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Our Anchored position off the beach

It has been blowing and very windy here on anchor and each day, we have run the dinghy the 1.1 miles across the harbor for services. Yesterday was the all exciting LAUNDRY DAY! Laundry from an anchored boat is a real chore, but we managed to process 4 loads and get them back out to the boat bashing into 1-2 foot seas with spray coming over our heads. Yes, we had the laundry in garage bags and we wore full foul weather suits in order to get back across the harbor. Once on board we remade two beds and cleaned up the boat some more.

Local neighbor taking his dog to the beach

Today, we plan plan go to the beach, lunch at Chat n Chill where should meet up with Jeff and Sharon and Art and Peg as they rented a 15 foot whaler for harbor fun. This A.M. I blasted the dinghy full tilt across the harbor then filled 25 gallons of water and powered back upwind in 1 foot seas back to the boat where we lifted this to the deck and poured it into the tanks. So, it is a simply life out here, working on the boat and just living an easy life. We can’t wait to finally explore some beaches and get a swim in and a beach walk.

Here are some random photos over the past few days….

Baking bread on anchor is a joy

When in “da Bahamas” eat LOBSTER

It can be “Block Island” tight here off Volleyball Beach

A treat for a late lunch after a day of laundry

Radeen’s Reading over the past week !

Life is a joy on a cruising boat especially when every thing is working and you are anchored in George Town, Exumas where you have water, fuel, groceries and pump out boats! WOW

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