George Town Exuma Begins

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…anchored of the Beach…

We sailed into George Town, (Elizabeth Harbour) all the way into the Chat ‘n Chill beach to enjoy the scene. Here we were anchored about 200 yards off the beach with the sun setting over the stern, how exciting. The 37th Annual George Town Cruising Regatta starts this Friday. There are over 300 yachts here, many of which we recognize. We can see why so many cruisers make this harbor THE place to spend the winter. The Elizabeth Harbour is about one mile wide with beaches on the ocean side as well as on the harbour side. There is the famous Volleyball Beach, home to Chat ‘n Chill beach, where all the boaters dinghy in and hang out, visiting and playing volleyball, yoga, church services, and present talks about boating life and world cruising. There is something fun going on all the time.

The George Town Harbour

Looking at the harbour, you will see the island to the east called Stocking Island. This island blocks the normal east trade winds so all the boats anchored along the inside well-protected from the winds. This works well until a cold front arrives which pulls the winds to the Southeast and then the South and Southwest and then finally Northwest. Then the winds blow very hard, at 20-30 knots, as the frontal system passes. This SW, NW winds places boats on the lee shore when anchored at Stocking Island. The beauty of this harbor is that you can easily move to the “other side” which is what we do whenever a front is coming. We move over to Kidd Cove and tuck up against the western shore to be protected when the front arrives. There are many good places to move to all along this western shore. Also on this side is Lake Victoria, which is where town and the dinghy dock are located. This dock is at the Exuma Market which provides the free R.O water hose where cruisers take on their water for the day. The ebb and flow of George Town is very simple with beach walks, volleyball, visiting with buddies, and living on anchor, all with free water. What could be better than that?

Julie, Paula, with Hannah, and Radeen

Our first night in George Town we were invited over to the beautiful Cobin Yacht named R-CALLISTA owned by Paul and Paula who are the kindest and the most fun people. We also picked up Don and Julie of the Annapolis Yacht FIRST LIGHT to join in the visit and fun cocktail party aboard R-KALISTA. Paul and Paula rebuilt this double-ender and I think it is one of the most beautiful yachts out here. We really enjoyed catching up on their latest adventures. These guys are from Toronto, Canada and we always find Canadians to be so kind and so much fun. The cruising life is all about the interesting and wonderful people you meet along the way, Paul and Paula are an example of this for sure.

Paul, Hayden and Don
Poker Run awards party
We jumped into the first activity of Regatta, that being the Poker Run which was managed by our Stuart, Florida, buddy, Bill of s/v PROVIDENCE. Bill organized a poker run where over 50 dinghies ran the course meeting at 6 different venues and then ending up at the new and upcoming resort on Stocking Island called LUMINA POINT. This eco-resort is brand new and is quickly becoming the place to stay in the George Town area. 
Lumina Resort, Stocking Island

The private elevated cottages over look the harbor and the resort is all eco-friendly with a very large solar plant and R.O. water and collected rain water for vegetation. People are saying that this place is better than any other Caribbean vacation they have taken. It was here that Bill wrapped up the Poker Run with a large party, our own cruiser DJ George and a fun fun dance party. Of course, a squall came through with high winds and rain and caused a bit of a wet dance floor, but it did not stop the party. Everyone had a very fun time. Great job, Bill!

We found Bill’s long lost sister, check out their BLUE EYES
The Poker Run party was fun
Hayden loves to take “selfies”…. with Paula
Our own DJ George of sv/COPPER PENNY did a great job, even during the squall
Hayden, Radeen with Bert and Prue sv EXUBERANT
This is before the squall, little did we know we needed rain gear soon

Hayden, Radeen with our new friends,Jeff and Patty sv/AVALON.
They own our sistership. IP35-166, we are IP35-165!

Here are a few more photos….enjoy

The required Chat n Chill sign post photo

Anchored off Chat ‘n Chill

The public library of George Town

The pool and patio at Peace and Plenty
Winds of 16.2 knots, gives us 10-12 amps of power
Winds of 16.2 knots, gives us 10-12 amps of power

Everything arrives by ship, here they are offloading gravel

The beautiful blue waters of Kidd Cove
Good Night George Town
So, we are George Town based for a couple of weeks as we stage up for exploring the out islands of Cat and more. Once we discover some new islands we will then prep for a direct run to Provo, 200 nm to the Southeast. Our Caribbean Run begins soon. Guess What? We are closer to St. Thomas than we are to the Florida / Georgia Line, and THAT is why we are heading south!

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