Gabor Vacation House

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The Team: Hayden, Radeen, Jeff, Sharon, Peg, Art

Today was a wonderful change of pace – no boat jobs and fun with friends, old and new! Jeff and Sharon, IP 35 Lucille, picked us up via car and drove us to their rental house on the beach. The house is near Williamstown on Little Exuma Island, which is 20 miles south of George Town. The approach to their secluded hideaway was a final bumpy 1 mile offroad ride from Queen’s Highway. Together with their friends, Art and Peg, we enjoyed swimming, snorkeling, walking the empty beach and sharing a delicious Mexican themed luncheon with plenty of beet and icy rum boat drinks.

THIS IS NOT a boat !

We were delighted to have “house” ammenitoies like ENDLESS ELECTRICITY, ENDLESS WATER, SOFAS, CHAIRS, ICE, BLENDERS, FREEZERS, and TV….what a different world living in a house is from living on 12 volt power. After a peaceful nap on a hammock and another trip to the beach, we enjoyed the massive SHOWER with lots of HOT WATER. Then Jeff cheerfully drove us back to the dinghy dock in town, another 40 miles roundtrip! Thank you, Jeff and Sharon, for hosting us at your vacation home, we really enjoyed the day!

Here are a few photos of all the fun…

Sharon and Jeff in “da car” with “da wheel” on “da wrong” side

Peg and Radeen on the beach, we have this entire beach to ourselves

Self portrait with the house on the hill

Sharon and Jeff with MOM, at Mom’s Bakery….emmm emmm GOOD

Radeen and Hayden with MOM at Mom’s Bakery

The beach view from the house!

The beach view from the house deck

Testing the camera underwater

Hayden and Radeen enjoying the beach and water off Jeff and Sharon’s rental house

ahhhhh…..this beats SNOW anyday…..

Thank you Jeff and Sharon for the great day at the house and lunch. This was a great day….now back to boat jobs: Today, jugging 5 gallon jugs of fuel across the harbor and looking at charts and weather for a run over to LONG ISLAND.

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