Fort Lauderdale Photos

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Glenn’s Photo of us as seen from his balcony….very cool

Delray Beach to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on the ICW presents a photographic delight, especially in the early am light. Lucky for us, we started off the day with an email from a fellow Island Packet 31 owner who sent us a photo of our boat as seen from his high rise balcony. That was VERY COOL. We stepped outside and looked around and sorta figured out the angle. We exchanged emails and shared our departure time and Glenn was able to take this fantastic photo of Island Spirit as we headed south on the waterway. THANK YOU GLENN, the photos are a real treasure.

Waiting for the lift and backing against the current

Today was also another day of 10 lift bridges in about 22 miles as we planned to make Fort Lauderdale our next stop. The homes and the mega yachts along this section of the waterway are really incredible. The success of so many people and the extreme wealth of so many people, all in one place, is hard to fully grasp. Today with the Internet it is easy to Google a Yacht name and find out who the owner is and what their businesses are. Many famous people call this area home and it is very obvious.

I shot 130 photos today, and many I have taken before. Please enjoy this photo essay of the waterway in are around Fort Lauderdale, Florida. All of these homes are SINGLE homes, not condos or complexes….SINGLE HOMES!

Love the skylights in the Spanish tile roof
Another one of these Gun Gray Colored yachts

Love this one with the boat drive in garage

Beautiful, classy, stately

One Home, but 3 home lots at least….on the water!

Beautiful ivy

The homes on the ends of the peninsulas are the biggest

Building a new mega home

Typical traditional Florida Waterway Home of a few years ago
Three, 350hp Yamahs motors, that is 1,050hp….just a toy
Each motor is $22,000.00 x 3 = $66,000 in motors

Who knows the sq footage? 7,000, 10,000 sq.ft.?
James Moran’s Yacht (one of 200) Auto dealerships worth billions
For Sale for $42,500,000.00
Typical waterway traffic, that is buddy boat IP35 Sans Souci Too with us

WINNER! Four 300hp Mercury Outboards, that is 1,200hp….toys
Motors are $21,000.00 each X 4 = $84,000 just in motors!

Typical Florida Waterway home BEFORE they  build a MEGA home

We saw several of these Gun Meta Gray yachts, interesting and evil looking 
Toys….simple…. little ….toys….3 to 4 stories tall

I hate when my Yacht (4 stories tall) blocks the view from my home….ugh

There, that is better, keep the yacht low and off to the side so we can see the home!

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Archimedes, sleeps 8 guests and provides a crew of 10 $$$
WINNER: Can’t Top This: Steven Spielberg’s Yacht called Seven Seas
285 feet long, 45 feet wide, 79,000 gallons of diesel, 10,000hp

Fort Lauderdale, Florida…..what a place for the rich and famous. We will spend tomorrow here and explore some more. It is just too much fun and too interesting to move on. Next stop….South Beach, Miami!

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