Fernandina St Augustine and more

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We last blogged about our offshore run into Brunswick at night, now we are are anchored off the NASA Causeway Bridge one day from Vero Beach, Florida. We visited St. Augustine for 4 days, then Daytona, and now we are on anchor pushing for Vero Beach. As always, stopping in St. Augustine was a thrill and we really enjoyed our stay there. Yes, we were stuck on anchor for a day due to high winds and no mooring balls, but after that we moved into town and enjoyed an IP mini-vous at the A1A Ale House with all the owners in the area. We also connected with good friends Tina and Jon, sister and brother-in-law, of our good friend Anita back home. Thank you Tina and Jon for a fun breakfast out on the town. We booked a rental car to go see an IP 38 for a client and then Eric, Patricia and Radeen and I ran up to to the Green Cove Springs Yacht Storage yard. We are looking for a place to haul and store our boats June to November, saving the run north and south.

After a short stay in St. Augustine we moved on and pushed 60 miles from St. Augustine to Daytona, then 60 miles to below Titusvlle, where we dropped anchor off the NASA Causeway bridge. The winds today were 20, 25, and 30 knots, and of course they were directly on the bow, so the waves would crash and the spray would go over the windshields and over the roof. The boat was trashed with salt spray, so it was a challenging day. Tomorrow we will pass under the lifted causeway bridge at 0625 am and maybe we can make the 60 mile run to Vero where we will take a week off from moving. Weather forecast is for possible thunderstorms, not fun.

 Here are photos by groups…

Fernandina Beach, FL Photos

St. Augustine Photos

Daytona to NASA Causeway, bashing into the wind

And the BEST for LAST….our IP Mini Vous with all of us at the A1A Ale House. FUN FUN FUN
Next stop, VERO BEACH FLORIDA, where we will be for a week!

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0 Replies to “Fernandina St Augustine and more”

  1. Party, Party, Party!
    Everytime I turn around you have another Minivous going on somewhere.
    Glad to see that you have hooked back up with Eric & Pat.
    We are nestled into a nice spot in the Texas Hill Country. The view out our front window is a peaceful pastoral scene… Meadows, trees turning color, and a nice stream thrown in for good measure.
    Are you going to cook a bird on the boat for Turkey Day?
    Looks like you'll have a lot of hungry mouths to feed!

  2. Store your boat June to November! How about chartering it? I am game to take it to New England, to Maine, then bring it back to Annapolis. I promise it will be detailed and in better shape than when you gave it to me!

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