Fernandina Fla Photos

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While in Fernandina, Florida, I always get these fantastic pelican photos at the Atlantic Seafood dock. The fisherman toss out the remains from cleaning fish and the birds have been trained to stand near by and wait for the door to open to be fed.

So you can wait on the dock for the feeding frenzy and the pelicans come right up past you to the easy food. Eventually these birds allow you to stay within a few feet of them and “Photo Boy” has a blast taking tons of photos.

Here is my photo essay….

Returning to the boat on anchor in the harbor
Enjoying the sunset from the boat with a glass of wine
Another sunset from the anchor, Fernandina Beach Florida…..beautiful
Tonight….another night in town with boating friends and buddies

Living on a sailboat and exploring coastal towns along the waterway is a lifetime dream. Now that the dream is here, we have to keep reflecting on how great an accomplishment this has been. We love this life, it is easier than expected, it is exciting, and adventurous all at the same time, as well as really peaceful. Life is a dream aboard a cruising sailboat!

The adventure has just begun….we have all of Florida….all of the Keys…..the West coast of Florida,,,,and then the Bahamas to explore….Thank you for following our blog. Please leave comments…

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