Fernandez Bay Cat Island

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Cat Island is very special and non-touristy place. Yesterday as we walked around New Bight and strolled along the main road, every single person waved and greeted us. We are so glad we made the effort to come to this Out Island, thanks to Bentley and Jim of sv/Salty Paws who insisted that we sail here. They have told us for years to get out to Cat Island. Day one was New Bight and the hike up Mount Alvernia to Father Jerome’s Hermitage. After that we sailed 1.5 hours north to Fernandez Bay where we dropped the hook right off the beach on one of the most beautiful bays we have ever seen. Look at this view over our bow….

As we walked the one mile beach, we looked back across the bay and zoomed in to take this photo with the rocky point to the northwest of the bay compressed into Island Spirit, so it looks closer than it is. We have our sunshades up all the time because we really try hard not to get too much sun. It is so bright and so intense that we get sunburned very easily. So, up with the shade every day.

After a morning of sanding teak and some more varnish work outside by Hayden and boat cleaning chores below decks by Radeen, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch out at the Fernandez Bay Resort. This place reminds me of a mini Bitter End Yacht club in the BVIs with the high quality landscaped grounds, interesting decorations and beautiful buildings. Check out this resort here:


Hayden working on teak varnish from the dinghy
Radeen enjoying a great lunch

The lobby with reading materials

The “honor” bar where you help yourself and pay later. Great rum punch!

The honor bar

Island Spirit anchored off the beach

The dinghy, “Buns II” is our car, the only one on the beach

View of our boat from lunch

The dining room with traditional thatched roof

Cool art work on the walls

Beach walks with sun hats, it is hot and sunny

We so enjoy this view

The entire Fernandez Beach at low tide all to ourselves, one mile long

The flying gable of the resort’s main hall

So inviting
After a nice lunch and a long walk on the beach, we decide to cool off with a late day beach swim. This beach ranks as one of the most beautiful beaches we have been on. The sand is powder smooth and very firm and of course the water is “gin clear” like all lower Bahamian islands. 
Swimming time from the beach

One of 14 homes for rent with the resort, some homes are private

Just as we were preparing for showers and sunset, our buddies on Crealock 34 Neverland, Cynthia and Jim, sailed in. They dropped anchor off our starboard bow and drifted back into a very nice spot. PERFECT, now we have to stay another day! I dinghied over with some fresh yellow tail tuna to share the endless bounty of our fish, and then they stopped over to Island Spirit for a nice visit. We will explore the beach and resort more tomorrow. Check out Neverland framed by our galley porthole window. So cool. I love to take this photo.
Buddies Cynthia and Jim drop the hook next to us
Radeen and Jim at sunset with Neverland in the background

Hayden and Cynthia share a smile
We were treated to another beautiful Bahamas Sunset on the water as the conch horns rang out…..

Our sunset lighting up Fernandez Bay

Here is a Google Satellite photo of this location!

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  1. The problem is that I'm running out of words to describe what I"m seeing and how I feel….I've already used:
    God Damn…

    What do I have left?
    But keep em coming…I love to live vicariously through you and Radeen

    By the way, where are all the people at this fancy resort?

  2. Hayden: So is there any other access to the island besides your own yacht? That's a pretty high-end resort if it relies entirely on grubby sailors getting themselves there by boat. — sb

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