Fall into Winter at home

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Yes, we are still at home from Summer 2020 into Fall 2020 and all winter 2020. I am trying to bring the blog up to date with a few photos and a brief update on what is going on with Team sv Island Spirit. We are home until we get Covid-19 vaccines, it looks like that will be in  late March 2020. Then sometime after that we will return to the boat, which is stored in Puerto Rico, and resume sailing. It might be April, May, June, July, and it might be the USVI and Spanish Virgins, but we will NOT be complaining about that.

We have been busy working on our home, which we call Saltbox13 as we took what was a flooded basement last winter, gutted it and remodeled it into what we are calling the MBP Room, or Media / Bourbon / Prosecco Room.  We have made great progress on this, with all the flooring, electrical, heating and tile work now completed. The bar is nearly fully stocked and the media wall is doing well with the Samsung Smart TV and surround sound. We added  Disney+ and, along with YouTube Sailing channels and subscriptions, we are fully immersed in sailing and travel entertainment.  With our refurbished French Petit Godin coal/wood stove and rebuilt mantel and hearth, this room is really taking shape. Take a look here….

Our Daily Routine

With Covid ramped up so high all Fall and Winter long, we have simply conceded to remain home and wait it out. We go for walks every day, walking 2 miles and getting in 60+ miles a month. We cook every meal in and we pick up groceries via cubside services at the stores. We use Amazon, of course, and we simply carry on. We honestly had planned to return to our sailing program Nov 7, 2020, but that was when the CDC published an advisory to NOT TRAVEL TO PUERTO RICO! So, with that, we postponed the flights. Well, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb….we are still waiting. Now it looks like we will be getting vaccinated in March and then, finally after that, we will set sail. Difficult time for everyone and we count our many blessings. It is what it is and we are pushing onward.

Photos of the MBP Build

We selected a remnant piece of granite for the bar top, It has red and gray in it!
Part way to working out the back splash and wall design


Good friend and artist, Sharon Gabor designed a black subway tile with pencil to work with the black vessel sink and our stone tile….PERFECT
Radeen shows off the new granite top and sink. Black back splash is not yet installed
The finished Bar needs a center drop light and final plumbing

Mallory Visits Us

We picked up Mallory at PHL and had a fabulous visit with our niece and my dad
Of course we had to eat at GENO”S STEAKS
Wonderful meals were shared around our table with Mallory and Dad
A required Liberty Bell and Philly tour 
Plus a stop at our very own neighborhood CHOCOLATE Factory

As Whiteaker Yacht Sales Brokers, we enjoyed selling several boats

Servicing our Grand Banks 38 Hardtop Express customers, we took the boat out for a demo run with dear friends Jim and Vanessa
I create my 18th yearly calendar for the Island Packet Yacht Owners Association
I sold an IP 35 and helped prepare her for trucking from NY to FL.

Fire Pits, Christmas Tree and Decorations

With winter setting in, we added a fun FIRE PIT off the deck and had a few fires and drinks
We have not had a Christmas Tree in ten years, so, lets go BIG. This beauty required a rental truck
Firepit GrL with Full Moon
The Tree is UP! And it is 9 feet tall. Thank you to Doug & Hayden Franks’ Boy Scout troop!

Fully Decorated for Christmas with LIGHTS!

What a fun time adding LED lights, about 10,000 til I was all finished. This was just the start 🙂


Our Fall into our Winter here at Saltbox 13 is going well, and we are really enjoying “playing house” as we wait out the Covid-19 pandemic. We can not think of a better place to wait. We really love this home we designed and built a long, long time ago.  It is a JOY to spend some time here, yet we really can’t wait until we can return to Island Spirit and be anchored off HONEYMOON BEACH. ST JOHNS, USVI. Thank you for checking in….

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6 Replies to “Fall into Winter at home”

  1. So good to read your Blog again…Best evidence I”ve seen that things will return to “normal” (whatever that will mean).
    Keep em coming

  2. I agree with Reuben. Seeing an email and reading through your updated blog, it takes me back to happier days following your travels and adventures. I enjoyed sailing along with you from my living room.

  3. Hayden and Radeen,

    Good to hear from you!

    Here in South Texas there was no place to go cruising to that was not at least semi closed so I spent the last year doing projects on our N46 Shrug. She and us are raring to go. We have had our vaccines but what we are finding is it does no good because the government doesn’t recognize that we are vaccinated so we suffer the same restrictions as non vaccinated. Maybe another year in a slip.

    I hope you all get back to cruising soon.


  4. Hayden & Radeen:
    We are sure you miss your IP this winter but hopefully nice to witness the cold season to remember how much you love winter sailing!

  5. Hey you two. Soo organized and active and fun times still. Love the tree and catch up and glad you are safe. Last I heard old Sea Star and is crusing coastal Florida to learn the ropes .

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