Excitement Builds

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…Island Spirit’s first dock in nearly TWO MONTHS!….

We are excited for our good friends “Cheerleader Wendy” and “Music Man Craig” to arrive for a week of fun and relaxation. These good buddies met us in Key West last year and we really had a wonderful time. This year, they will explore the Abacos with us. In preparation for their arrival, we have taken a dock at the JIB ROOM. We are so excited to stay here for a few days, at the best spot in Marsh Harbor. This is the location of the famous Wednesday RIB/BBQ CHICKEN NIGHTS and Saturday STEAK NIGHTS. They have a nice laundry, swimming pool, bar, and very friendly resident owners and staff. This makes it a great place to take on guests and to move bags onboard. It also is the center of the beautiful Sea of Abaco.

Nipper’s Easter Egg hunt in the surf and on the beach

Yesterday was EASTER, so Radeen and I sailed over to Nipper’s for their Sunday PIG ROAST and their yearly Easter Egg Hunt which happens in the ocean! After the young children hunt for eggs in the sand, everyone else puts on snorkel masks and fins and, at the start gun, swims out to the reef to find hidden eggs. These eggs have numbers on them that match prizes posted up on the overlooking deck. Last year it was too windy to swim, so the eggs and prizes were buried in the sand and the various age groups dig within identified sections. We enjoyed the buffet with Mark on IP40 Down Island and his family, Debbie on IP29 Illusions, and John and Elise aboard non-IP Spunky.

Radeen made Hayden a nice Easter Basket

Radeen made me a special Easter Egg Basket, with two eggs, and one ZINC EGG in my tool bag. I think she was trying to tell me I need to dive the boat and replace the missing EGG ZINC on the propeller shaft. Some of the tools are new – what a treat! Notice the York Peppermint Patty, too. She really know how to spoil me, how fun :-)!

Kids always enjoy the beach egg hunt

Hayden and Radeen sporting their EASTER Hats at Nipper’s

The sail back to Marsh Harbor was a SALTY one!

Nipper’s, looking over the deck and the beach
In our slip at the Jib Room,we enjoyed a FUN gathering of Island Packet Buddies
Kathy IP Flatlander, Debbie IP True North, Radeen IP Island Spirit
Not pictured are Alan, Dennis, Hayden and Steve on IP38 Slow Flight

Life tied up to a dock is certainly EASY….endless water, power, bathhouses, pools, pubs, docks, walks, laundry and just a SIMPLE LIFE…..oh, how quickly we are spoiled….This will NOT last :-)!
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