Engine Install Day 1

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Radeen works the engine room….

Today we hired the experts at Haven Harbour Marina to tow our boat over to the yard and then we hired their expert crane operator to lift our new, remanufactured Yanmar 3JH2-e engine into the boat. This all took less time then it takes to write this blog entry!  We now have a new engine, and it is inside the boat, and we have decided to install the engine ourselves with our friend and master mechanic, Don. Today was just getting the engine into the boat. Now the real work begins.

First on the list today was to work on adding new Yanmar motor mounts. Next, we swapped out the low quality exhaust mixing elbow with the standard yanmar mixing elbow. No this is not the top of the line 3″, $1,000 mixing elbow, but it is what our boat came with, so we will stay with it. I know, we think this may have been the lead cause of our engine failure, so we plan to replace this every 3-4 years now. We also need to install the transmission and an optional starter solenoid relay. We  have to add the coolant loop to the hot water heater, which is an option on the engine installs. This makes hot water when the engine is running, a must have. A stock engine does not come with this.

The new engine in the the crate

So, our next step is to cut up the engine room box and make the engine room door opening large enough to accept this engine. The engine measures 20 1/2″ wide, the engine room door access is 18 1/2″ wide. Oops, looks like the engine will not go through the door.

So, we will try first, but then if it will not twist into the engine room, we will cut up the teak box and remove the side post, giving full access.


We were towed over to the marina

The crane reached between the back stays and lowered the engine below, well done!

There it is, our new Yanmar 3JH2e below deck on the IP 35

Oops, we found a broken motor mount, which will be re-welded

Old school, very old school /Yanmar exhaust mixing elbow must go

Mixing elbow off

New mixing elbow installed

New motor mounts installed, 100 lbs starboard, 150 lbs port side.

Ka-ching, these motor mounts were 3 years old. Out with them and in with new one$
OK, day one of the engine re-install is a wrap. Let’s hope we get this installed and running soon. Thanks for following along.
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  1. One of my buddies wanted to replace his yanmar engine in Freedom boat with what he thought was an exact replacement yanmar engine- however, it was not exactly the same dimensions and the engine bed and the built-in pan underneath needed some adjustment. after a summer of making templates and cutting and patching (he is on plan M4), the engine still isn't in the boat- Were you thinking your new engine would also just slide right in- (you need to enlarge the opening)? Hope you are back on the water next weekend

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