Elizabeth City, NC

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Harbor of HOSPITALITY is so true
This town really makes boaters feel welcome

We arrived in Elizabeth City, NC, at the free city docks and we plan to wait out this cold front passage tonight and tomorrow. There is a strong low pressure building off the NC coast and this low will be blowing strong NE winds in the 30-35 MPH range. The same low will be causing SNOW in PA, MD and NY! It is COLD…but we are enjoying the town and taking care of common items.

Today I fixed a flat tire on the bike so I could then ride it 2 miles out to the bike shop where I had spokes repaired which turned into replacing the entire front rim for $40. Then I walked 1.5 miles to the grocery store to meet up with the IPY team, Radeen, Patricia and Eric who hopped a ride courtesy of Farm Fresh. After this adventure, I walked back to the bike shop, picked up my newly tuned up bike and rode it back to the boat where I returned it to the deck bag storage.

It is interesting, when living on a boat, how simple tasks such as going to the grocery store for milk, bread and eggs can take ALL DAY, especially when you have to walk or hitch a ride since you have no car. Life is simple, just imagine not having a car for a year, walk everywhere you need to go or ride a bike, and oh yea, carry or collect all the water you will need….these are the simple tasks you deal with when living on a boat. It is simple and it is fun.

Photos of the PASQUOTANK RIVER as you arrive Elizabeth City and some around town…

Anchored 8 miles before Elizabeth City, NC behind Goat Island
on the lovely Pasquotank River
Pasquotank River scenery is beautiful

You drive your boat around trees, as you exit the swamp

Elizabeth City Bridge, at an angle and double roads, opens on demand

A walk up main street and the restored homes in the historic district

Some more colorful than others

A must stop….the BEST coffee in town is at MUDDY WATERS

The local library is new, modern and very impressive. We always enjoy libraries!
The Elizabeth City Free Public Docks and tree lined brick walkway

Bow into the docks and a step to access the short finger pier
No tide here, so it is easy to set up a simple step

Roses are given to the ladies of transient boats as a tradition of the “Rose Buddies”
These are roses from Fred Fearing, the creator of the Rose Buddies in 1983

Bike services, fixed a flat tire and rode to the bike shop for new spokes

Great logo for the City, the good life is here….welcome to NC

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