Eleuthera to Abaco

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…Radeen at the Helm as we leave Exumas…
After leaving Warderick Wells in the Exumas with several other boats, we sailed to Eleuthera and dropped anchor in Rock Sound. Our buddies aboard a Valiant 42 named “Minx” kindly offered to share a Mahi Mahi fish he had caught that day, along with beans, rice and plantains. So, Dave and Suzy of IP 37 “Cay Paraiso” and Jay and Tanya of “Minx” came for a delightful Easter dinner. We had fish baked with capers, rice and beans, salad and red & white wines. Easter needs chocolate, which we enjoyed in the form of candies and cocoa oatmeal cookies with coconut. What a great evening on anchor with old and new friends in the calm harbor  This was also the last night of Rock Sound’s annual 4 day homecoming celebration and the locals played many varieties of very loud music till 4 a.m. at the community pavilion on the beach.

Whisker pole sailing Wing on Wing for Current Cut

After enjoying Rock Sound for 3 days, we had another fabulous sail to Current Cut. We had reservations for a slip at Spanish Wells, but cancelled when the morning weather forecast made it clear we could be stuck there for over a week. So, we scrambled to get the boat ready for a 50 mile ocean run north in 4 – 6 ft. seas. The wind was too far aft and too light at 10- 15 knots to push through the swells, so we motor sailed a comfortable starboard broad reach. The Little Harbor Cut runs northwest and the reef was protecting most of the cut from the easterly swells, making an easy transit for us at slack high tide. We motored over the rocky bar at the entrance to Little Harbor itself and happily took a mooring ball in front of IP 37 “Galileo.”

Hayden, Radeen Gerry and Larry of IP37 “Galileo”!

It was a wonderful surprise to join our long-time Chesapeake Bay friends, Gerry and Larry, for drinks and dinner at Pete’s Pub!

Leaving Warderick Wells and the Exuma Land and Sea Park.
Beamreaching Warderick Wells to Eleuthera

Autopilot underway in beautiful blue waters approaching Rock Sound settlement.

The church and community pavilion at Rock Sound, Eleuthera

Hayden with Dave and Suzy of “Cay Paraiso”

Tanya and Jay of “Minx” with Radeen after Easter dinner aboard “Island Spirit.”

Eleuthera seems to have more vegetation than the Exumas.

Lunch at Sammy’s made the walk to do laundry at 3-T’s much more fun.

Island Spirit at anchor in Rock Sound

That is $9.95 for one pint of ice cream!

Wild Orchid Beach Bar, Rock Sound

Steady winds leaving Rock Sound.

Sailing wing on wing in relatively flat waters. 

Motor sailing through Current Cut going 8.5 knots past these rocks!

Fishing line and a hand line were deployed for the entire passage from Current Cut to Abaco.

Fish 99, Hayden 0.  He had two fish on today, but they both shook the hook and got away.

Ocean waves crashing near the entrance to Little Harbour.

Happy to be ashore after the crossing from Eleuthera.

Selfie of the captain under sail
Our Spot Map of the northward run from the Exumas to Eleuthera and then to Abaco.
 Spot Map Link
Spot Map is here


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