Eleuthera is Wonderful

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Mr. and Mrs LaFleur, owners of a local farm and bakery
Wonderful people…hard working…kind…friendly…
Rock Sound, Eleuthera, in the Bahamas is a very developed and modern Bahamian island with vast diversity. We were anchored in Rock Sound due to weather for 4 days and, during these days, we rented a car and serviced the boat. We used the local laundry services by JANET, and we jugged 75 gallons of water out to the boat. We filled up the propane tank and the dinghy gas tank. We shopped at the local market and the local farm stand. We used the WiFi and the Batelco 3G networks. What we take away….Rock Sound is FOR SERVICES…..and for stocking up after arriving here from the the more remote Exuma Islands. 
We toured the Glass Window and the towns of Hatchet Bay and Governor’s Harbor, the capital. The island is 110 miles long and has large farm lands that used to grow pineapples, corn, and bananas, along with large herds of cattle. Today, there are few farms and no more cattle, yet the island has good soil and large open fields. Two of the most beautiful buildings we toured were the St. Patrick’s Anglican Church and the Haynes Library, both in historic colonial Governor’s Harbor.  We really enjoyed Eleuthera, and we look forward to more days spent here next year
Rock Sound, where we anchored for days….
A local mailboat departing after delivering the town’s supplies for the week
St. Patrick’s Anglican Church in Governor’s Harbor

St. Patrick’s Anglican Church in Governor’s Harbor

IP-420, True North, Dennis, Radeen, Debbie, prepare for Island Gift Shopping!

The rock cliffs at the Glass Window north Eleuthera

The team takes a lunch break at TIPPYS on the beach at Nix’s Point

The beautiful Haynes Library in Governor’s Harbor

Lobster sales with the local fisherman……$20 each!

Spinney Lobsters and their colorful markings

We will depart Eleuthera tomorrow and make a 50+ mile run for Current Cut, and we leave this wonderful town with fond memories of the beauty and the hard working people that make it so…..

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