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Typical sunset from out Tiki Hut at 5:30pm

Life is so easy, so peaceful, so simple, and so WONDERFUL at Harbor Cay Club here in Marathon, Florida. We have now spent another week living here and we love it. Here is how the days go…

1. Wake around 5-6am
2. Breakfast onboard around 8am
3. Bike ride to store and around town before lunch
4. Lunch out or on board
5. Boat projects or visits in the afternoon
6. Tiki hut cocktails at 5:00pm
7. Sunset at 5:30pm
8. Dinner out or on board
9. Relax, read, write til bedtime
10. Start over at #1 above….

This is way tooooo easy living here at dock, we need to set sail and get back to work soon! We are getting soft, we are getting lazy, this is way too easy, and we recognize this. That is why we planned one month only here at dock, and we plan to move on Jan 17th to Ft. Myers, FL for a west coast exploration.

For now, we are living a dream and we know it, and everyday we wake up and reflect on this accomplishment of the dream. Lucky we are, and appreciative we are. Thank you!

New 65 Watt solar added outside our other solar panels

This week we installed two 65 watt solar panels on the roof and this takes our solar array up from 220 watts to 350 watts. We were getting about 75 amp hours per day before and we need 100 amp hours per day, so this should do it, we hope. Next task is defrost the freezer and run to the US Customs office in Key West to obtain our “local boaters” customs registration. This will allow us to check back into the USA via phone call when returning from the Bahamas.

Here are some random photos of the past week…

Sunset Grill, pool at sunset with a great band

Hayden, Carey, and Ron at sunset grill
New65 watt solar panels added outside our existing 110 watt panels
Now with a total of 350 watts solar!
Hayden and Radeen on New Years Eve 2011

Radeen at the Tiki Hut for sunset….life is beautiful…

This week we have a good friend Dr. J. B. Smith arriving Thur-Mon for some reefing diving, snorkeling trips and good visits. We look forward to the visit….until then….

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