Diving Sombrero Reef, FL

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Hayden and J. B., Marathon, FL

Our good friend and fellow teacher, Dr. J. B. Smith, visited Team Island Spirit for a few days on his college semester break from IUP, Indiana University of PA. He is an aquatics director and senior seminar professor in the Health and Human Services department. J.B. or “Doc” as I call him, has been a great friend going back to the early 90s when we shared lunch at PVHS.

J.B. is also our diving instructor who certified me and pushed me through the fears of diving associated with a previous poor diving instructor who treated us like Navy Seals and freaked me out under water….Luckily, D0c got me over that challenge. Thank you, J.B.!

The Doc came to FLA to visit and dive with us and to watch his son swim in a college competition meet up in Orlando. We are so glad J.B. took the time to visit us and looked over us as we re-entered the diving world. It was a great dive spot – we saw a large sea turtle, a 5 foot long shark and a truly amazing number and variety of tropical fish. It was really fun!

Radeen and Hayden heading out on the dive boat
Dive #1 completed…look how excited Radeen is…..she loves this!

We survived….we did it…Thank you J.B.
Got to love the DIVE HAIR thing….heading back in after two dives
Happy rookie divers, Radeen and Hayden
Good boat buddies, Chuck and Stuart, we met them at Thanksgiving in GA
Heading back from Sombrero Reef on the dive boat…beautiful day!
The reef is about 4 miles off Marathon

Sombrero Reef Lighthouse (Google images)

Living in the Florida Keys is very interesting and the weather has been fantastic. Typical day temps are 75 degrees and night temps are about 65 here in January 2012. Every week to 10 days a north cold front passes over and the temps drop to 60-65 during the day but they usually only last a day or two and then it is back to normal. We can see why so many people have migrated to the Florida Keys….a beautiful place with lots to see and do.

We plan on one more week here before heading off to the West Coast of Florida and living on the hook once again…..

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