Dismal to Portsmouth VA

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IP38 Moondance rounds a tree lined bend….

Note to All: The Dismal Swamp is not dismal, matter of fact, we find it interesting, beautiful, peaceful and photogenic!

After locking up 8-9 feet at the South Mills Lock, you run the 22 miles of the swamp canal where you enter the Deep Creek Lock and drop back down 8-9 feet. Exiting the Dismal Swamp northbound you are then presented with the massive commercial activity and Navy Ship Yards of Portsmouth and Norfolk, Virginia. We find this contrast most interesting, challenging and exciting. That is why we always stay a few days in Portsmouth, VA and enjoy the waterfront town, the Commodore Theater, and the peaceful historic streets and homes. Welcome home, you are almost back to the Chesapeake Bay!

Here are the photos of this section:

Hayden and Radeen at the Rose garden of Elizabeth City, NC

“Cappuccino Girl” Radeen enjoys breakfast out in Elizabeth City 

Tug-A-Long heads north for the Dismal Swamp
Tug-A-Long rounds a corner in the Pasquontank River

Buddy Boat IP38 Moondance heading north in the Pasquontank River

A turtle basking in the warm sun

Bob and Nina, IP38 Moondance in the South Mills Lock, entering the Dismal Swamp

Locking up 8-9 feet at the South Mills Lock, entering the Dismal Swamp

Radeen the expert line handler in the South Mills Lock

Welcome to the Dismal Swamp Canal. Thank you ARMY CORP of ENGINEERS

Welcome to VIRGINIA, here is the state line sign in the swamp

I always LOVE this photo shot

The Deep Creek Lift Bridge

s/v ROMANO waiting for the lock to open

IP38 MOONDANCE waiting for the lock

IP38 MOONDANCE in our new anchorage at Deep Creek Basin

Deep Creek Basin is a great place to drop a hook

The Gilmerton Railroad Bridge lifting in front of the lowered Gilmerton highway bridge

Commercial Traffic everywhere in the river

FUNNY: A Lone Canada Geese wonders where he went wrong 🙂

Tugboats moving an empty ship in the river as we pass by

My Favorite Sailor model, Radeen off the Navy Ship Yards

Our next leg will take us home into the wonderful Chesapeake Bay where we have sailed since 1984. This is when and where we feel at home, these are the waters we know, this is comfortable. We have traveled 1,917 nautical miles since December 30, 2013 from Tampa Bay via the Bahamas to the Chesapeake. We are glad to be here!

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  1. And I see you have your "Big Boy Clothes" back on.

    Gone are the flip flops, swim suits, and Hawaiian Shirts… Replaced with "Business Sailor Casual" for an evening on the town.

    Enjoy the summer. Soon you will have sand between your toes again!

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