Dinner Key area

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Hayden, Radeen, Henry, Keith and Blanca

The north end of Biscayne Bay could become our winter sailing grounds as it has so many great places to sail to and to explore. We also have great friends here within the IPY fleet, Keith and Blanca who sail IP31 True Love. When we sail through here, Keith and Blanca have gone out of there way to help us and spend time visiting and sharing stories. I know I have said this before, but the IP Fleet is so connected, so supportive and such a family, that we all look out for each other and we always help each other in any way we can. Keith and Blanca are perfect examples of our fleet motto. This factor makes owning and sailing an Island Packet Yacht such a great joy. Team Island Spirit and our buddy boater Henry on IP35 Sans Souci Too, joined us for a great lunch at Flanigan’s in Coconut Grove. What a fun town!

Anchorages around North Biscayne Bay

Anchorages and places to visit in north Biscayne Bay are many. Here is a map with an X at places we have explored. Dinner Key to the west is ground zero and where the moorings and docks are located. To the north is Miami Beach and the famous South Beach area, very fun to explore. Then to the east are Virginia Key and Key Biscayne where No Name harbor is located. Open Google Maps and simply look at satellite images of this water. This is a PARADISE sailing are.

Radeen and our friendly Cormorant

Heading into shore in the AM as we were going for a few groceries, we were entertained by this cormorant on a mooring ball drying its wings in the hot Miami sun. We motored right up next to this bird and it was really fun to observe him so closely.  These birds dive under water and swim with their wings to catch fish. They are amazing to watch. Then they have to dry off their feathers for better flying. We see this all the time but it is still fun to observe.

Fork Lift returning a boat to their storage location

So, you want to have a powerboat in Miami? Well, this is how you store it and this is how you get it launched and re-stored. They use a massive forklift and your boat may be on the fourth level 35+ feet in the air. They are NOT tied down, and I have no clue how they don’t blow off in the storms. But this is how they do it.

IP350 WINDSPELL and Bow Decoration

It is getting close to CHRISTMAS and here is proof….our other buddies, Walter and Donna on IP350 Windspell stored here in Dinner Key for a week as they traveled home to family and friends. We found their boat to check up on it and noticed the beautiful “bow on the bow.”  How festive and beautiful!

Tonight we are anchored off Elliott Key in Biscayne National Park, about 20 miles south of Miami. At dawn we will pass through Angelfish Creek into Hawk Channel and sail and or motor the 45 miles down to Channel Five where we will cross back to the north side of the Keys. From there it will be an easy run the next day to Marathon and HCC, Harbour Cay Club, our Christmas and New Year’s destination.

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