Desert Rats Become Salty Sailors

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Radeen’s niece-in-law from Phoenix and her 9 year old daughter joined us for 5 fun days aboard! Tammy and Taelor brought 100+ temperatures with them, so we stayed plugged in at Spring Cove Marina for the first day. With earnest supplications to Neptune and the Four Winds, we christened our new AB dinghy by sacrificing a can of Rolling Rock on the bow of “Buns II.” Taelor’s older brother, Colton, had helped us christen the original “Buns” in 1996. After dinner aboard “Surprise” with “CAVU,” we enjoyed the mandatory cruisers’ classic film, “Captain Ron.”

Then we set sail for Annapolis, where we took a mooring ball, toured the Naval Academy, saw the crypt of John Paul Jones and a had great view of the Wednesday night racers. The next morning, after early rowing practice for the schwabbie, we became pirates for a day aboard “Sea Gypsy VI, “ departing from Eastport in search of treasure. This was even more fun than anticipated – highly recommended adventure!

We had another great day sail and a tour of Rock Hall Harbor before dashing to the airport. We declared our crew well-seasoned and promoted Taelor Sailor from “Schwabbie” to “Dinghy Captain.”

Schwabbie becomes DINGHY CAPTAIN
after naming the new dinghy
(our old dinghy was named “BUNS” to go with “Cinnamon” our IP27, we had to stay with it…)
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