Departure is a challenge

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Vacuum pack bags have made this possible!

It would seem easy to move out of your house, get in your car and drive away, not returning for 6 months or more. This is year #6 that we have lived this cruising lifestyle. Maybe it is the fact that we have been here, done this, and we know exactly what we need to do to “get out!” Don’t get us wrong, this is a very exciting adventurous lifestyle, we still LOVE IT. It is simply a major task shutting down the house and planning to not come back for 6 months! Off we go, let’s get this adventure started up again…..

Sabrina the Sailrite Machine was pressed into service

We made new light weight quilts in tan and blue with seashells

Our absentee ballots arrived with only one day to spare.
We had requested them in August!

Packing of the trunk begins….Sabrina on the left and our new B and G 4G digital radar on the right.

One of our favorite destinations! This should be our first stop this year!
This could be Goldie’s last trip to FL. Long may she run!

We ran 13.5 hours on day one, then we took our time

We are now in Stuart Florida where we will be working on our Refit #3 installing new sails, new Spectra Ventura 200t watermaker, new B7G Triton2 electronics, new 4G B&G Radar and a 9″ Zeus2 screen at the helm. We plan to install this in the first two weeks of November all with the helpful team at Mack Sails. If you need anything, simply check with Mack Sails first, they are a great company to work with. Thank you Colin Mack!

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