Departure 6/20/09

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The weather was notthe best forecast for a departure today, but Jeff and I were ready to leave and start this voyage. Our good friend and Island Packet Owner, Bobby W. provided us with our routing services which called for our best run to depart at 0215! WHAT, well….we did not make that, and departed at 0600. That caused us to pay the price of running into a 1.5 knot current all the way to Engineer’s Cove ast Chesapeake City. Once on the canal, we had current on the bow, so we decvided to NOT run this another 2.5+ hours to Reedy Island. Instead, we pulled into the cove, dropped the anchor and were relaxing at 1300 hrs. After a nice 2 hr rest, we dropped the dinghy only to find we need to replace the fuel filter and spark plug. This was the only service item left go, no problem, we swapped out the fuel filter with a new one, replaced the plug and it was running great again.

Next can the first of 2 storms with rain, winds and lightning. So we waited these out before heading to shore for a surprise nice dinner for Jeff’s help and prep of Island Spirit as we enjoyed the TAP ROOM. What a great meal, and nice place, they even gave us milk to take back to the boat for our cereal in the am.

Suneday, 6/21/09, we WILL RUN the times Bobby routed for us, and we will wake at 0315 and depart this cove at 0330. Our routed best time run will place us in Cape May Canal around noon or 1300. We are looking forward to 15-20 knot winds out of the NORTH WEST allowing us to sail down the bay. Day one….in the back….

The hardest aspect of any voayage is LEAVING THE DOCK!

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  1. Wow Hayden,


    We are talking in the morning right?

    Like hours before the sea roosters start crowing?

    I think the hardest point of any voyage is getting under way at ODarkThirty. 🙂

    I'll be enjoying following you and the rest of the fleet this summer.

    Stay safe and dont bend anything else.

    Beaufort Greg

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