Denmark Sailors Visit

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…Judith and Haakon enjoy a fine red wine
when we Dine with Reuben…

We have just wrapped up a two week visit with Judith and Haakon, Island Packet 380 TOUCHE owners, who flew into Fort Lauderdale, Florida and presented Arctic Sailing seminars at the Miami boat show and the Coconut Grove Sailing Club. We have been planning and anticipating their visit for months.

The IPYOA Flag
with the Danish Cruising Club Flag

When special events like this arrive, they seem to happen so fast and before you know it, the fun is over! We are sad to see this time end, but the amazing aspect is all events and activities turned out to be better than planned. We really enjoyed getting to know Judith and Haakon and we appreciate their effort and expense of flying here from Copenhagen Denmark. Their seminars were about the two months they spent last summer far above the Arctic Circle as they explored the island of Svalbard. They reached the northern latitude of 80 degrees. After swimming with icebergs and photographing polar bears, beluga whales, puffins, geese, arctic fox, walruses, and beautiful fjords and icebergs, they sailed south to the northern tip of Norway.

Here is a list summary of our two weeks:

Wed Feb 11, Judith and Haakon fly in from Denmark
Thur Feb 12, We connect and meet with lunch onboard and we tour the club
Thur Feb 12, IPYOA meet and greet 18 IPowners, then dinner together at Green Street Cafe
Fri Feb 13, Boat show, Judith is on a panel discussion with Jimmy Cornell and Ellen Leonard, Lunch with Reuben IP380 PRIORITY and Dinner with Reuben and Al IP32 HALF MOON
Sat Feb 14, Boat Show, Judith seminar on Arctic Sailing, tour show, dinner with 6 Danish friends
Sun Feb 15, Coconut Grove Art Show tour
Mon Feb 16, Boat Show, Judith seminar on Arctic Sailing, tour show, dinner at Tokyo Blue Miami
Tue Feb 17, Day off, Sailing on IP380 PRIORITY, thank you, Reuben!
Wed Feb 18, Coconut Grove Sailing Club dock and Judith seminar Arctic Sailing, 55+ people
Wed Feb 18, Boat Buddies IP38 MOONDANCE, Bob and Nina stay onboard
Thur Feb 19, Relax at CGSC Docks, too windy to sail due to Arctic Vortex Cold Blast, 30 knots
Fri Feb 20, Sail to Boca Chita Lighthouse with IP38 HOLIDAY, Champagne toast and cannons
Sat Feb 21, Sail Boca to South Beach, anchor, WallCast Concert with SHAWNEE & HOLIDAY
Sun Feb 22, Return at 9am to Coconut Grove Sailing Club, Judith and Haakon drive to Key West
Sun Feb 22, Boat Buddy SP CATSPAW Carey boards for a day of sailing, Brunch with IP380 PRIORITY, Reuben and Molli and Dinner with IP380 SHAWNEE, Drew and Deb.
Mon Feb 23, Wash boat and water up at the CGSC docks, Judith swims with Dolphins in Fl Keys
Tue Feb 24, Judith and Haakon visit Harbour Cay Club to meet the Island Packet Fleet there at the Tiki Hut and return to Island Spirit
Wed Feb 25, Casual Breakfast onboard, Drive to Ft. Lauderdale, West Marine shopping, take a New River boat tour of yachts and homes, Lunch with IP38 MOONDANCE, Bob and Nina, coffee and treats at Cheesecake Factory, Flight out at 2200, we Uber Car back to CGSC.

What a fantastic two weeks. We really packed in a lot of activities, days of sailing and boat show and even a WallCast. We love when a plan comes together and when it is even better than expected!

Here are some photos….

Jimmy Cornell with Judith assisting

Judith, Seth, Ellen and Haakon
Seth and Ellen Leonard sail Alaska and attempt the NW Passage

High Latitude Panel, Judith, Ellen and Jimmy

George Day of Blue Water Magazine and Judith

Judith with Lamar and Sherry, IP420 Winterset

Judith explains the Gulf Stream and its effect on UK and the Arctic
Fine dining always with boat buddy Reuben, IP 380 PRIORITY, our good friend
Our table at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club seminar
Sponsored by Whiteaker Yacht Sales

Judith at the podium CGSC

Thank you, Debbie and Ed Whiteaker,
for sponsoring Judith and supporting our IPYOA fleet

We moved Island Spirit to the docks for the seminar

Judith and Haakon present the Club with the Danish Cruising Club Burgee
IP29 DRIFT, Dan and Chiara

Judith at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club with
club members Dan and Chiara, IP29 DRIFT
The seminar room at CGSC, all set up and ready to go

The advertising posters made by CGSC to promote the Arctic Event

Happy smiles after the seminar. Seminar #4 complete!

Boat Buddies Bob and Nina, IP38 MOONDANCE
Made the trip in/out via train and bus, thank you for coming to the seminar
Happy Sailing team at BOCA CHITA, the most beautiful place

Our team atop the light at Boca Chita

Two boats sailed to Boca Chita, IP35 Island Spirit and IP38 HOLIDAY

Sunrise on the Lighthouse and Island Spirit

25-30 knots E winds, let’s sail north to South Beach

Selfie Hayden and Judith heading into the SoBe Wallcast

At the New World Symphony WallCast about 4:30, 3 hours before the concert, we get our spot

The projector and our front row space, front and center

Sunday beach day with boat buddy Carey, SP CATSPAW

GoPro photo sailing dead downwind

GoPro selfie of the champagne team at Boca Chita
Radeen made a fantastic dinner and Pat and Deb brought the best desert
Chocolate Wine and Russell Stover Candy!
Thank you again Judith and Haakon for flying to Florida and sharing your adventures!
Next up….Prepare for the BAHAMAS trip….here we go.
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  1. Wonderful to meet you guys and Judith and Haakon at the boat show and then at the sailing club! We really enjoyed hearing all about Svalbard, etc!
    All the best,

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