December in the Boat Yard

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Our 50 foot mast in the boat yard….

We are enjoying our time here at Snead Island Boatworks as we continue to upgrade and rebuild our 20 year old Island Packet 35. The Palemtto, Bradenton, Sarasota Florida area is fantastic and we are in no hurry to move out of here. So, we simply are enjoying the peaceful rebuild and visiting with good friends Craig and Debbie who live in Bradenton. They have returned from their USA tour , last week, and we have been visiting with them and sharing meals together and watching movies.

Craig mounted a 60″ TV on the wall and we are being spoiled by the comfort of a beautiful Flordia Condo. With our mast in the yard, we have no TV antenna, no satellite radio reception (in the barn), no AM/FM antenna, zippo. So our only comms are Interenet via our cell phones and network. Imagine, no TV, radio for two months. Try it, you will NOT miss it!

 IP37 Optimystique in the boat parade

We enjoyed watching the Bradenton Yacht Club lighted boat parade where our Island Packet Friends, William and Judy and their family entered their IP37 Optimystique into the parade. What a great time with many boats fully decorated and well lit. Each boat paraded by the yacht club, one at a time, with the crowd cheering them on in the 20 knot winds! After the parade there was a cocktail party and buffet followed by fireworks. What a great yacht club. One more reason to enjoy this area.

Radeen may be turning into a dog lover as she has really enjoyed HOLLY, the pet of Debbie and Craig. This dachshund is a spunkie lively happy crazy funny dog, and we are always greeted with excitement when we arrive. We have never seen a dog jump and fly like HOLLY can. What a fun dog. Look, here is Radeen holding Holly! WOW, now that is FUN.

Note to “Our Dogs”
Hey LUCY and GRACIE….pay no attention to this picture. Aunt Radeen and Uncle Hayden love you two also, but you had to run off to the AZ dessert and leave us behind, so we befriended HOLLY.

Thank you JUDI for your great cookies

It is ALWAYS CHRISTMAS when our WASHINGTON family sends in the cookies. Judi always finds us no matter where we are and she always sends us the BEST homemade Christmas cookies. Judi is amazing,and Radeen has the fondest childhood memories of the arrival of Judi’s cookies for the Christmas Season. THANK YOU JUDI.

Thank you Rhonda, Mike, Tammy and Mark

Then we also were surprised by a beautiful Harry and David basket and wonderful Oregon Wine from our Arizona Family, Rhonda and Mike and Tammy and Mark. We will savor these treats all Christmas week long. We miss you all, and will get together soon.

Thank you

Here are some more random photos of the week…..

Fantastic sunsets

Woody Wax really works great on the decks

Family Christmas Treats arrive UPS

Installing a NEW Balmar 614 Regulator

Here is the restored alternator, once again

Rewiring the regulator and the solar controller

Yes, the stereo died, so we installed a new one

WOW, that is WHITE…..West Marine had NO Black units

Cold Front arrived….Brrr it is cold, 65 degrees! Break out the fleece

We have a CHRISTMAS SQUIRREL! He jumps onto the deck, runs around lookign for treats.
This squirrel is so tame and friendly. I bet I could hand feed him, but have not.

So, that is what we are doing here as we look forward to a mast being installed today, if all goes well. If not, oh well, who is in a rush? Not us. We were planning on departing here December 4, one month after launch, but hey, here we are. We have no plans but NOW. The time is NOW and that is how we are living…..

Merry Christmas and Happy SNOW to our friends up NORTH….brrrrrr
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