Daytona FL…CARS

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Broadway Bridge (Local Name)
Carlton Black Bridge, Daytona Beach, FL

We are slowly getting back to cruising speed and moving south, EXCEPT, we have no schedule! So, when we bump into an event like “The Largest Car Show in the World,” we just have to divert and take it in.

We enjoyed a wonderful cruisers’ Thanksgiving at Marineland hosted by Chris, Cara and Chloe, the creators of the Marineland Marina, which opened in August 2011. Chris and Cara are really working hard to offer the boating community a top notch marina at an interesting stop on the waterway. We suggest all boaters stop here, visit with them, and enjoy all they have to offer. Floating docks, great facilities and fantastic positive people!

Now, we are anchored off Daytona Beach, using the dinghy dock at Halifax Harbor Marina. This gives access to Beach Street and the wonderful town center with fantastic restaurants,  pizza shops, coffee shops and artistic stores. Palm trees line the wide sidewalks which have many benches and interesting landscaped islands. We will stay here another day, get a $3 all day-pass, ride the bus 4 miles out to the Speedway and take in the event. This should be interesting, plus we get to walk the infield at Daytona Speedway….very fun…

Here are some fun photos of this section…

Beautiful Sunset at anchor, Fort George, FL
Extra Crew in the AM….not needed!
Bald Eagle on R36, north of the Town of Marineland, FL
If you can’t build a home…..BUY a TUGBOAT….cool
The NEW ICW Homes north of Daytona….
When is Enough, enough?
The traditional ICW homes north of Daytona, FL….very nice
NOPE….buy the traditional, bulldoze it down
then build this monster car show! 4,000+ show cars!
Daytona International Speedway

  So….tomorrow should be really interesting, viewing all the classic cars and walking around the infield of the Speedway. Daytona Beach, Fl….a cool place to stop.

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