Daytona Car Show

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Daytona Speedway as we walked across the track!
Beach Street Daytona near Halifax Marina

Imagine the infield of the Dayton International Speedway FILLED with show cars, cars for sale, and car parts and gear, then you can imagine the largest car show in the world! 5,000+ cars and each one more beautiful than the next, this is the auto show here at Daytona. From our anchored boat, we took the dinghy into the West Marine “temporary” docks and then walked 1.5 miles to the bus depot where we bought an all day pass for $3 and rode the bus to the Speedway, 5 miles out International Speedway Boulevard. Walking across the Daytona speedway race trace was exciting, let alone the show itself. Then, we entered the infield and were presented with row after row after row of the most beautifully restored cars in the world.

From the photos below, everyone should be able to guess what car I had in high school and college, as this particular year and model is still our favorite car. I tried to photograph a variety but I seemed to keep my camera focused on my eternal favorite. See if you can tell what that model is.

After the show, we were treated to a wonderful impromptu gathering of boating friends who connected via Facebook and this blog and text messages. We met at the Blue Grotto at Halifax Harbor Marina to share stories and drinks. Our long time Chesapeake friends and two time IP owners, Karen and Steve, IP32 Betelguese, were here on vacation. We were delighted to meet new friends Tammy, IP38 Sailbatical, and her Tayana friends, Penny and Stan.

Tomorrow we will move south, most likely making Titusville where we will hope to see our first manatees of the season.

Here are my best auto show photos….no captions….just beautiful cars

I am very proud to have owned three 1957 Chevy BelAirs,
 including a four door sedan, a two door sedan and, finally, a two door hard top.
We sold the last one in 1981 to buy our first sailboat. The rest is history.
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