Cutter Loose Sails in from Grenada

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…Welcome aboard!…

We were so delighted to have our friends, Patricia and Eric, of IP 460 Cutter Loose, sail in to Hope Town Bahamas! Their arrival from Grenada has been anticipated since December. They have sailed the Caribbean for the last 3 winter seasons and are currently bringing their boat back home to Annapolis, MD. We have known them since 1992, when we both had smaller Island Packets on the same dock at Spring Cove Marina in Rock Hall, MD. From August of 2012 to May of 2013, we cruised together from Maine, to Maryland, then south on the ICW, to the west coast of Florida, then to the Abacos and back to Maryland. What wonderful memories we share together!

A beautiful sight – Cutter Loose next to us once again

For 5 sunny days, we enjoyed the civilized pleasures of Hope Town, including stops at the coffee shop, swimming in the pools and at the beaches, walking the North End loop and sightseeing. We enjoyed a happy hour gathering at the Lighthouse Marina picnic table with Art and Brenda of IP380 Zippity Doo Dah, Bill and crew of IP485 Jalan Jalan, Jesse and Robin of IP40 Robinsong, Greg and Sharon of IP40 Dream Catcher, as well as Bill of Providence and the crew of Callahan. On Saturday, we saw a wedding party travel across the harbour by dive boat, complete with a Junkanoo band and dancers. After the reception at the Hope Town Inn, there was an impressive display of fireworks lighting up the harbor as the Gully Roosters Band played at the other pub, It was an exciting time in Hope Town.
(We tried to convince Eric and Pat the display was in their honor but they did not buy that!)

Here are some photos of our great freinds Eric and Patricia

We celebrated their arrival with Gruet champagne
The Sunset Firefly Resort for dinner

On the Firefly golf cart….ride it like you stole it!

Girls will be girls!

Intrepid travelers, always ready for fun!

Selfie after a day at the Hope Town Inn’s beautiful swimming pool.

After 5 days in Hope Town, we moved our boats to Marsh Harbour to provision and to go to The Jib Room for rib night for the last time this season. The winds and waves were higher than expected, (30-35 knots) but we were on a mission and we accomplished it. Best wishes to the Jib Room family, Tom and Linda, as they anticipate the arrival of their first grandchild, who will be named Huck. Best wishes to Stephen and Bradley, the happy parents-to-be.

The next day, the weather and sea state were perfect for us to motor through the Whale Cay Channel and on to Green Turtle Cay for further adventures together! We were lucky enough to secure a dock at the Leeward Yacht Club in Black Sound thanks to IP friends Sara and Ken on IP40 TIN TEAN. We will wait here intil the winds and storms blow out for our crossing back to the Florida.

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