Code Zero Sailing 30 nm

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Today was so much fun! It was our longest continuous sailing with the code zero sail, 30 nm from Antigua north to Barbuda. The winds were 8-13 knots at 75 degrees off our starboard bow.  We hoisted a double-reefed mainsail because the forecast was for 15 knots. With this sail, the upwind limit for us is 15 knots unless we are sailing off the wind, like a broad reach, then maybe up to 20 knots true. This course was slightly upwind, 15 degrees upwind, and if we had 15 knots, we would be on the edge of safely using this sail. In that situation, we would simply use the jib. 

For the first time, we were able to set this sail and let it run for 6 hours straight. We sail 99.9% of the time with our autopilot set to hold a given wind angle. In this case, we dialed in 75 degrees. The beauty of wind vane steering is that we then trimmed our sails for this angle and the boat and the pilot maintained that angle. The winds are never from a fixed direction. They always veer or back 5-10-15 degrees. You can not see a 5-degree wind shift, but the pilot computer and sensors will, so the boat will steer and adjust to this new wind direction. We love it. We have the B&G Autopilot and we think it is the best of the best.

Here are my photos from this most glorious day of Caribbean Sailing.

A code zero sail is a furling sail that is larger than a jib. This one is about 165%. Here in this photo, it is sailing upwind at 75 degrees. It will go as high as 55 degrees.
Sailing on autopilot for a full day, we simply stood watch and made sure all was OK. The boat will sail to the wind.

Instruments show the data

Average Wind Speed, Average Wind Angle, True Wind Speed, and True Wind Angle. This is a B&G Triton II display.
Boat Speed 5.0, True Wind Angle 73, True Wind Direction 102, Thru Wind Speed 11.4. The same Triton II with a different display.
At the helm, the B&G Zeus III. On the left is the slide-out pilot control where you see the 78 and 75. Autopilot is set to hold 75 degrees, it is on 78 right now and will adjust. In the center is the chart and our boat’s heading with Barbuda on the top. At the right is a slide-out panel of Boat Speed 5.8 and COG, distance to waypoint, depth, current time and steer left 9 degrees to make the waypoint. This is a fantastic chart plotter and pilot.

How we rig the sheet

We use a single sheet, because we do not tack the code zero. The sheet turns on a block on a soft shackle around the stern rail base and then goes to the jib primary winch. We never use the jib if sailing the code zero, so this works well.
One more photo of how we rig the single sheet.

I get excited taking photos

I always get excited trying to capture cool photos while sailing. Here is one from the bow.
Radeen snapped a photo of “PhotoBOY” up on the bow taking photos.
I am always amazed at how well the rig is set up on Island Spirit. Pay no attention to those messy lines…I need to clean them up.

THE COOLEST Photo ever

Looking up out the head hatch directly into the full code zero. Very cool photo, if I may say so myself.

Destination Made: Barbuda: Coco Point

I do not think there is a more beautiful beach than Coco Point on Barbuda.
Barbuda Coco Point
The entire beach is a private resort, but you are allowed up to the high tide line. So, we dinghy or swim ashore and then walk the mile-long beach. You are allowed to land the dinghy, but we prefer to anchor.

Sunset off Barbuda, beautiful

Our last Antigua/Barbuda sunset for the season. We fully expect to push back here next year!






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7 Replies to “Code Zero Sailing 30 nm”

  1. Beautiful sailing with a beautiful sail and neat instruments…love it all….but I especially love that beach!
    So you won’t go into Barbuda further than the high tide line? Are there boat boys to bring food and treats?


  2. You sure don’t want to give up all that hard autopilot work and come back to this winter wonderland with single digit temps and a foot of snow just waiting for you here inPa/NJ?

  3. Your brightwork in winch picture is gorgeous. But the hatch picture is “ super cool”. It would make a fantastic poster.

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