Christmas in the Keys

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Radeen bikes to Sombrero Reef Beach, Marathon, FL

With the weather 80 degrees during the daytime and 70 degrees at night, it is nearly perfect here in the Florida Keys. Typical days tend to go like this. Up around 7-8, breakfast around 9. Boat work, web work and communications in the AM. Bike riding after lunch to the Post Office, grocery store, scenic Seven Mile Bridge, over to visit friends at other marinas, or a ride out to the beach. By 5 pm, it is “The Cone of Knowledge” or TIKI HUT time to watch the sunset and share stories and libations with good friends. At sunset, it is conch blowing time to alert the natives to the end of the day. Dinner is around 7 pm which is usually cooked onboard but sometimes we take in one of the many fine eateries around Marathon. The day will end around 10 pm as we count our many blessings for good friends, good health, and this simple peaceful lifestyle. Docked at Harbour Cay Club, we can become spoiled because it is so easy to live here. We always enjoy our time in the Keys!

Here are some photos of the past week….

Hayden, Radeen, Blanca, and Keith with Jimmy
at Margaritaville, Key West

Radeen, Keith and Blanca at Key West Sunset Party, Mallory Square
IP31 owners of TRUE LOVE
Local resident enjoying a porch railing at the oldest house in Key West
Key West Sunset
Jeff and Marjorie on IP 45, FAR NIENTE, arrive at Harbour Cay Club

Welcoming party for FAR NIENTE
Keith, Blanca, Marjorie, Jeff, Ed, BJ, Michelle, Capt Jim, Hayden
Ocean Sailors Nancy and John arrive after sailing a prolonged gale of 35 knots.
They sailed 3 days straight from St. Augustine to get here for Christmas!
Home marina friend Kathy, Radeen and Nancy
Gary and Kathy are on GATSBY from Spring Cove in Rock Hall
where we all gather for sunset, stories and libations
Local pelican stops by for a visit

The birds at the fish cleaning station during a cleaning by Jeff
Marjorie, Nancy, and Radeen as we head out to Lazy Days
Egret waiting for hand outs during a fish cleaning.
Jeff is our local Mangrove Red Snapper Fisherman
It is CHRISTMAS….notice the BOW on the BOW
Typical sunset at Marathon, FL
Northeast Maryland Yacht Reunion in Marathon, FL
Gary, Loren, Kathy, Fran, John, Nancy
Christmas decorations on a local boat
Manatee Mailbox with a Santa Hat
Christmas Day on the Beach, 80 degrees and sunny
with blue skies, Merry Christmas!
a Christmas Day Iguana enjoys the beach
Marjorie and Radeen laughing and working very hard in the kitchen.
Beautiful appetizer trays for our Christmas Dinner
Thank you Marjorie
The outdoor Lanai set for 11 for Christmas Day Feast 
One of TWO turkeys prepared. Note: This one was cooked
on the grill. Great job JEFF
Marjorie, our party planner and wonderful chef, IP45 Far Niente
Jeff, IP 45 Far Niente, the MASTER at Grilled Turkey
and Carving. Fantastic Job JEFF
The buffet table set with the feast

Gary and Kathy Sabre 42 Gatsby, friends from home
Spiral Ham, two turkeys, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and much more
Capt Jim and Michelle and Hayden having breakfast al fresco at The Stuffed Pig
Radeen and Marjorie and Jeff enjoying breakfast

As many people have said before, the cruising life is great. BUT, it is the people you meet that make it so interesting and so enjoyable. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all…….

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0 Replies to “Christmas in the Keys”

  1. Great Post! It looks like you guys are really suffering.

    If you run out of turkey and spiral ham there is always that Rhode Island Red that was sitting on the porch rail in Key West.

    BTW – I really like your MO….

    Boat arrives… Welcoming Party.
    Boat departs…. Bon Voyage Party.
    Pelican Catches Fish…. Congrats to the Pelican Party.

    Keep up the good work… its tough but I feel safer knowing that you guys are guarding the southeastern flank.

  2. Great Post! Really enjoy hearing about it all. Makes those of us, not there yet, to really have something to look forward to.

    Have a very happy New year and since you're in such a partying mode, maybe you can raise your glass to us IP's that are winterized in cold and stormy northern Europe.

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