Christmas In Stuart FL

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…Radeen enjoying the marina..

We have been enjoying our time “stuck” here in Stuart, FL, at Sunset Bay Marina and Anchorage as we test out our new gear and installations. This marina has the number one best customer service and the best marina facilities of ANY place we have ever stayed. We have sailed from Acadia, ME to Key West to Tampa Bay to Georgetown. Exumas, and no place has better customer service than Sunset Bay Marina!

With that kind of service, we find ourselves “stuck” in Stuart, FL. We are not disappointed. Yes, we are frustrated that our plans of sailing over to the Bahamas for Christmas did not work out. We had planned to spend Dec and some of Jan at The Jib Room in Marsh Harbor, but we stayed here working on our refit and using our car to get items for the refit and now we are into a seemingly endless loop. We have always said, “The hardest part is simply leaving!” That is the case here once again. One thing is for sure, Radeen and I are goal driven. When we set goals out in front of us, we write them down and we work toward them. This season we are setting the goal of sailing back into the Exumas and then pushing onward into the Caribbean Sea, where we plan to base for the next 4 to 5 winters. That is our goal, that is why we did the refit and we will push to make it happen.

Sailing on Christmas Day, a dream

Our Christmas was peaceful and calm. On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed the marina party with catered food and professional singers caroling. On Christmas Day, we went sailing in the morning, something we have always wanted to do, and then we enjoyed a cruisers potluck on the marina porch with about 50 cruisers. There are cruisers here from all over the world. Many of them have just sailed in from the Caribbean or Bahamas. Others have completed the Great Loop around the entire Eastern USA and the Mississippi down to the Gulf and around Florida. There are some experienced cruisers here and some that are just starting out. It is fun visiting with everyone.

Sunset on our boat, Christmas Day

Our next task is to move onward in about another week so we can truly test out our new autopilot and radar. We plan to sail outside down the coast to Biscayne Bay because we really love Miami and South Beach and Coconut Grove and the sailing there. This will give us a few more weeks to test out the gear, fix what breaks, and to commission the new watermaker. (It is finished and ready to go, but once it is started, it needs to be flushed every 5 days. So, we have decided to wait until Biscayne Bay.)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and peace to all. Here are a few photos….

The Stuart Riverwalk on our daily 3 mile walks

Our Christmas Day Champagne for Breakfast


Nothing says LOVE like a bilge pump for my Gift 🙂

Our home, an Island Packet 35, 1994

Santa found us

Naughty Santa…

The best deli in Stuart
ahhhh so good

Merry Christams from the boat, our happy place

Sailing Christmas Day

Santa and a Sailfish

The Sunset Bay Marina and Anchorage
First floor store, cafe, office
Second Floor Jumbo TV room, computer lounge, hot popcorn machine

Somehow, someway. someday, we will leave this wonderful place called Stuart, FL! Thank you all for following along.

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0 Replies to “Christmas In Stuart FL”

  1. Reuben, you make us laugh, right you are, a deli and gourmet you would think should not go together yet this TOOJAYS is a very fine dining place. Then again, after living on our boat our standards may have fallen a bit, but we are enjoying the meals out at this deli. Great cabbage beef soup and Radeen loves the cheese blintzes We know you would love this place.
    Check it out online…

  2. Love the Christmas Decorations. Very Festive!

    Reuben, a Gourmet Deli is where they pile the meats on the sandwich in a layer that exceeds 2.5" deep and the stack of cash required to pay for that sandwich is equally robust.

  3. Hayden and Radeen,

    Julie and I wish you the greatest success in all your sailing ventures this coming New Year.
    We love reading all your stories and keeping up with your Enhancing additions to the Boat!
    That Water Maker is going to be The Thing! Just what you have been wanting on your Christmas list.
    I know that installing it had to be a labor of love.

    We treasure our times with you in 2014 those 8 weeks we were with you from Miami to the Bahamas to Fort Pierce! and recall them often. Especially with your expertise in so many areas that you graciously shared with us!. Of few of which, most likely, saved our lives! 🙂

    What a blessing it is to be your friends,

    Dixey and Julie

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