Charleston Catch Up

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Where have we been on the blog? I have been 100% fully involved since Annapolis Boat Show, Oct 9th,  with a web server upgrade and site integration project with programmers from London and Singapore. I have been spending every spare moment and every spare dime on integrating together my two Island Packet Yacht Web sites at, with 11,500 photos, into a new application (from Singapore) at I am proud to say after a month of work and a few dollar$, we have completed the project here while in Charleston, SC. At this point I am beta testing the site and working out a few bugs. When I am finished, we will have a web site with 15,000+ photos sorted and shared by the Island Packet Fleet. This has been a project of mine since 2002 and I have thousands of users and IP owners I support and I am very proud to bring this new web service to the fleet, soon, very soon. That is where we have been, so, here is a catch up blog post with photos. I always like photos and photos are worth a thousand words. Enjoy the photo essay below….

Touring Middleton Place Plantation with Reuben and Molli, IP380 our buddy boat

Touring Boone Hall with Eric and Patricia, our buddy boat from yeas ago

Arriving Charleston, SC from Georgetown
A very cool window photo of IP350 KISMET at Wrightsville Beach
More Photos of Charleston ad south

Tomorrow, we will arrive BEAUFORT, SC, another one of our favorite towns along the waterway. Here we will visit with Jeff and Marjorie former IP 45 owners who made this their home. Not a bad decision…..
TONIGHT, we are anchored here:

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