Caribbean Sailing Grenada to USVI

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Sailing across the entire Caribbean Sea, north and south is a passage of 400-450 nautical miles. We sailed this course, as we ran from Grenada and the COVID-19 lockdown. We sailed north to the USVI where we could find a working and open airport.  Most of the Caribbean Islands were closed to incoming sailboats, but the USVI was open. Tradewind sailing is fantastic with steady 20-25 knot east winds. This course was a broad reach for 200 miles to Isla Aves, and then a turn to the north on a beam reach for another 200 miles. We sailed 400 nautical miles in 60 hours which is an average of 6.7 knots with only one hour of engine time to make hot water for showers. The MK450 wind turbine and solar panels provided all the 12-volt power for the ship’s systems. Enjoy this 5-minute video which shows our helm set up, wind data, and the sounds of sailing.

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3 Replies to “Caribbean Sailing Grenada to USVI”

  1. So great to see! It’s been way too long since we’ve been sailing. Have to get back to it this winter on Shawnee. Your video gives even more incentive to get back on the water. Keep them coming!

  2. Looking forward to seeing Team Island Spirit at Annapolis Boat Show…. Very soon.
    We are in Annapolis working Show set up.TnT

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