Cape May NJ to Atlantic City NJ

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What was to be a lay day in Cape May Harbor turned out to be a fantastic sailing day offshore, why not? We had our radio off in the AM after getting up at 0530 with the sun to write blog posts and process YouTube videos, when the fleet was discussing leaving for AC NJ. By the time we discovered this, Memphis Belle and Lyons Pride were out in the ocean reporting great close reaching in north winds of 15 knots. So Jeff and I looked into and reviewed the marine weather for the area, and discovered forecasts reported of 15-20. Jeff and I said….”PERFECT, we love to sail upwind and close hauled, LET’s GO.”

So off with the dinghy motor, stow the gear, and let’s head out the inlet. We set the main sail in Cape May harbor with a reef and planned to use the 135 strapped in hard to the spreaders. With the jib car all the way aft, we set the jin close hauled right at the jetty. Off we go to chase the fleet.

Out with us came IP380 CAVU and IP40 Surprise. We all have a fantastic sail as close as we could, with Island Spirit sailing the highest with our B&G wind set to 40 degrees apparent angle on a port tack. We sailed this all the way up to within 10 miles of AC where the winds died to 10 knots, and moved onto the bow. Believe it or not, 10 knots in the ocean is NOT much wind when the waves are 2-3 feet.

We finshed the day by motoring the last 10 miles of our 50 mile day and are now anchored in RUM POINT AC NJ where it is “Captains Steak Dinner Night” with formal attire required!

Here are a few photos….

The Cape May Harbor and where to Anchor

I can’t tell you about this RUM POINT anchorage….shhhhh
it is off the chart….sorry….you can’t get in here!

Sailing Close Hauled Cape May to AC NJ
with weak low presure up north

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