Cambridge Cay Photos

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Cambridge Cay in the Exumas Land and Sea Park which is the most beautiful place on earth. We think this is even better than Warderick Wells, but you will need to sail here yourself and decide if this is true. For now, simply enjoy these photos which need no explanation, just take in the beauty.

click this photo and look left and right, UNREAL….our own private beach and there are about 6 of these at least.

Remember, Click on these photos for full screen images

Thinking and praying for Kathy and Eric as Kathy powers through Ovarian Cancer treatment, you are in our thoughts daily….

Cambridge Cay is beautiful and here is where it is located.

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  1. I knew the watermaker would be a game changer. I'm happy its working well for you both. Life is good.

    Say BBB (ByeByeBahamas). New sights, sounds, and smells are coming. (baguettes in St Martin)

    And a summer home on the Isle of Spice sounds good. Party on.

    PS love the Valentine day Sand Heart. Kate got a new stack of moving boxes.

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