Cambridge Cay Beauty

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Look at this area with satellite….

This is truly the most beautiful seascape on earth….hands down. #1. The endless variety of colors of blue water, the beaches, the reefs, the mooring field, the Exuma Land and Sea Park management all make it a wonderland.

It is simply too beautiful! I can’t even get close to capturing the beauty in my photos. I tried to capture it by shooting over 300 photos in 2 days using filters, polarizing filters and even an underwater GoPro camera. Nothing captured the true scene. You need to add this spot to your Bucket List of destinations!

Here are my best 12 photos, of 300+ taken!

Johnny Depp is a SMART man to build here…
The SEA AQUARIUM is a wonderful snorkel site
Beaches, Beaches, Beaches, and no one on them!
Sea side where Bell Rock is located
Our fleet of 3, Island Spirit, Moon Dance, Morning Grace
Radeen with our beach umbrellas
Snorkeling one of the many reefs
Swimming back to the dinghy which is anchored in sand at Honeymoon Beach
Radeen explores the Sea Aquarium
Soft coral on the ledges at the Sea Aquarium
Elkhorn Coral formations at Tom’s Elkhorn Reef, south side, ocean side
Sea Aquarium as we swam the entire island

Study this location and turn on the satellite view then zoom in and look at all the reefs, beaches and beautiful waters…Tomorrow we make the run to Eleuthera and on to Abaco…

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