BVIs 2015 Family Vacation

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Two years in the planning, we enjoyed our boating vacation with our family from Arizona. Planning this for when Tanner graduated from 8th grade and before Taelor entered her Junior year was the ideal time for this trip. We booked a Moorings 474 Power Catamaran with a captain and a chef in the British Virgin Islands out of Road Town. The boat had 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms, two engines, a generator and air conditioning. It was three stories tall and ran at 15+ knots, so nothing was much more than an hour trip. This speed allowed us to visit many places in one day and see all the territory. We swam, snorkeled, walked beaches and salt flats, climbed trails with overlooks and observed many tropical fish. I shot three cameras, taking 1,900 photos. Of these, I selected 100 of the best and built this 4 minute slideshow with a soundtrack by Bob Marley. The photos show the fun and joy we shared together. This was our 7th trip to the BVIs and our family’s first. It was wonderful to re-explore these islands for the first time since 2005, they are so beautiful.

BVIs 2015 Family Slide Show

Here is a Map of our trip, and the route we ran. This is unusual but we ran clockwise due to 300 MIT boats that book this week and we ran the opposite of them.

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