Buddies at Burnt Store

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Island Spirit with Flatlander at Burnt Store….

We diverted up Charlotte Harbor to Burnt Store Marina so we could visit our wonderful friends, Kathy and Alan, AKA “Kansas Kids” with the IP420 named FLATLANDER. We sailed the Abacos together in 2011 and connected last year in Marathon, too. Alan and Kathy are great friends and we so enjoy visiting them and learning about the BSM area.

Imagine living where you can drive a golf cart from your home to your boat or tennis courts or restaurants or pubs. Now this is a really cool place and I can see why so many people speak so highly about Burnt Store Marina. The only negative I see is that it is 10 miles up one road to Punta Gorda for all services, shopping and support. Otherwise, this is a great boating, golfing and marina setting.

Here are some photos of the past few days….

Our shadows with jackets on the beach…brrrrr

The beach after the 35 knot winds all night long

An Osprey enjoying a local catch

Beautiful bird and a great fisherman

Cocktails and fun visits on IP420 FLATLANDER

Hayden, Radeen and Alan

Alan is well known for his delicious homemade dip

Sunrise after the cold front passes at Cayo Costa

Let’s go to the beach today! So we did…..brrrrrr

Shelling at Cayo Costa Beach is a joy

Morning dew on the varnished teak

My Math teacher friend, Jason, noticed the fractals in this photo
Math is cool!

Who wants to dry off the teak?

The sunrise beams though the dew drops and magnifies the grain of the teak

A calm sea motoring to Burnt Store Marina

More dew, more interesting patterns

A cormorant dries its wings in the morning fog 

AM fog and beautiful birds, well at least one is…

My favorite Cabbage Key Model

Island Spirit and Flatlander share the docks

Jan, the author of “The Boat Galley Cookbook,” available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The fun of cruising is cruising and meeting friends and seeing new places and visiting old places. You go where you want to go, when you want to go and when the weather lets you go. Such is the simple life of a cruiser.

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  1. I am really enjoying reading your blog as I look at a foot of snow out my window. I am 42 and am currently sailing a 22ft Sailmaster to build up experience. Next up is a family boat once we sell our weekend home. The photos and journal you keep is really great. Thanks for sharing.

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