Brunswick Landing Marina, GA

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Hurricane SANDY, 3 days after we dock!

Known as a HURRICANE HOLE, a safe place to dock your boat during hurricane season, Brunswick Landing Marina is truly a safe place, well built and very solid. Since we ran down the east coast early, during Sept and Oct, we had planned to make this our destination. We booked a dock here months ago, before we left the Chesapeake Bay and we have been running for Brunswick from the first day we left.

Lucky for us, we had great weather all the way south, and we were able to arrive here a few days early, which turned out to be perfect due to Hurricane Sandy. Brunswick is as far west as you can go on the east coast, plus the NE flow of the Gulf Stream tends to divert the path of hurricanes away from this spot. Brunswick Landing Marina, GA is THE place to store your boat during hurricane season. We feel lucky to be here and we feel safe leaving our boat here as we fly to Arizona for a family wedding.

Here is a photo essay of Brunswick Landing Marina:

Island Spirit docked on pier #4
Notice the CONCRETE floating docks….full length….NICE
Massive dock cleats….notice the heavy dock lines…
Thank to GREG!
Docks ride up and down via these rollers

Powerpost, cable TV and water. Notice the concrete pilings

15 PIERS, 20 boats per pier…WOW…this place is massive
Ramps lead up from docks to a dock house on each pier

FREE WIFI on each dock house

Car parking right at the docks within steps of each pier.

Island Spirit in dock, mainsail lashed, double dock lines

Bath house and clubhouse between piers # 8-9
Bath house at pier #1 also
Clubhouse, library book share, TV, lounge

Clubhouse continued… tables and sofas for cocktail parties

FREE LAUNDRY ….yes, that is right…..FREE

EACH Dock House has a nice grill, table and chairs

Inside slips are for the large catamarans which means…
.. there are 30 spots like this.
The north end can take larger boats and more cats as well.
GOOGLE MAP of Brunswick Landing Marina
Pier numbering begins at the south #1 and #14 at the north
Northernmost Pier #15 has many single slips also part of the marina!

View Larger Map

If I were looking for a place to dock our boat during hurricane season again, this would be the spot. Many cruisers make this their starting point for cruising for the winter. For example: Arrive here, to your decommissioned boat before Nov 1. Set up your boat, install your sails and canvas, clean up the boat, provision, prepare. Depart ASAP for points south, South Florida, Bahamas, etc. Sail all winter, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April, May. Come back to Brunswick June 1, dock here and decommission the boat, putting it away until Nov 1. Now, go home or do land based travels and family visits and then start again. This is what many cruisers here are doing, because it is such a safe place to leave your boat in hurricane season, June 1 to Nov 30. We are glad to be here!

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  1. Beautiful spot and great, helpful, & enticing descriptions. Have really enjoyed your blog. Previously attempted to post comments, but technically challenged me can't seem to prove I'm not a "robot"! Maybe the third time will be a charm!

  2. I enjoy reading your posts and good luck with avoiding the wrath of Sandy. I am curious about two things not mentioned in your posting. How difficult is it to secure a slip in the marina, and how much per foot is the fee? Thanks for sharing your travels. Jon

  3. Thanks for the excellent review of our marina! We are pleased that you enjoyed your stay with us and can't wait for you and your vessel to return!

    Look forward to seeing you soon.

    -Brunswick Landing Marina Management

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