Boo Boo Hill and Beyond

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…That is our boat way down there….

Yes, we made it to the famous Boo Boo Hill on Warderick Wells! The cold front has brought 25 – 30 knot winds and cooler temperatures, so lots of rocking overnite and no snorkeling today. While two loaves of home made bread were rising, we had spashy a dinghy ride ashore to the Park Office. Sweet and friendly Jen gave us a map of the 18 trails on the island and a marker for making our traditional driftwood sign to leave on top of the hill. Little did we know how elaborate some of the signs would be!

Boo Boo Hill as seen our our porthole on the boat

The path was clearly marked and very informative, with large, well-made signs explaining how the water table works (a thin fresh water layer on top of salt water keeps the plants alive in the dry season) and the differences between red, black and white mangroves (red mangroves are in the saltiest areas, have blossoms with no fragrance and excrete salt through their roots). After fording Banshee Creek, we climbed up the hill, watched the blow holes and the crashing waves on the ocean side and then pressed on to the top. We added our simple sign to the multitudes there, most dated from 2009 till the present. The views of our boat on the mooring ball were incredible – see photos below! Our reward for this effort was warm bread and soup for lunch!

Island Spirit on mooring ball #11

A Curly Tail Lizard walks the trail with us
Hayden at the sight of all the cruising boards onto the hill

The Ocean side of Warderick Wells with 8 foot waves crashing onshore

Radeen makes a quick Island Spirit board with a sharpie

Back at the park office, the porch overlooks the mooring field

Home again, and BUNS II, rests off the stern of Island Spirit

As soon as theses frontal winds dies down, we will be making a crossing over to Eleuthera and moving into Rock Sound where we will take on water and spend time exploring that Island.

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