Boca Chita

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Arriving Boca Chita basin with yachts along the seawall

Boca Chita is a National Park located in Biscayne Bay just south of Miami. The site was originally in developed in the 1930’s by Mark Honeywell, an industrialist who specialized in heating controls. After his wife died on the property, he lost interest and sold the island. The entrance channel and inner harbor were completed, along with a small pavilion and then the development was stopped. The property became a Park in the1970’s and is accessible by ferry for campers or private boats.

Sunrise over Boca Chita beach with driftwood
Sunrise over Boca Chita and the mangroves….beautiful
Our Island Packet Fleet along the Boca Chita Seawall
Late afternoon sun on the lighthouse with blue skies
Cocktail hour on CUTTER LOOSE along the seawall under palm trees 
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Debbie, Craig, Eric, Ron, Patricia, Mary Ann, Radeen, Carey, Hayden, Bobbie
Sunset over Biscayne Bay with lighthouse cove base and palm trees
Sunset looking back to South Florida from Boca Chita
Sunrise reflection off the glass dome
Sunrise reflection off the Boca Chita Lighthouse with Island Packet Yachts

This is a MUST STOP visit if you boat in the Biscayne Bay area, and thanks to our leader, Carey, we no know the way into the harbor. If you only go by your charts you would never go in here because the charts show only 2-3′ water depths…..go in….follow the channel and you will find 6-8 foot water all the way in.

Here is a GOOGLE MAP of this location
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