Boca Chita Key, Fl

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The Boca Chita Key Lighthouse

What a BEAUTIFUL tiny island, now owned by the National Parks Service. The island was originally developed by Mark Honeywell, owner of the heating control company in the late 1930s. After his wife’s death from a fall on the island, Mr. Honeywell abandoned the project and eventually it was purchased by our National Parks.  We can see the highrises in Miami 15 miles to the north, yet we feel we like we are in the tropics!

The island has the most beautiful lighthouse that stands guard over the entrance to the man made harbor. The harbor can side tie 20+ boats to the wall. There are several tent camping sites and public restrooms that flush with saltwater. There are no services on Boca Chita, no water and no electricity and no trash disposal, but there are beaches, trails and plenty of palm trees. This park is a must visit, and with the winds blowing 20+ knots today, we decided to stay one more day and enjoy the beauty. Tomorrow the winds will be 10-15, so we will continue our trek south to Marathon.

Island Spirit on the sea wall with the Boca Chita Lighthouse
SP Cruiser Catspaw in the Boca Chita Key harbor
Good friends Laurie and Jim on IP350 Kismet arrive Boca Chita
Our view of palm trees out a port window….ahhhh
Local flock of ibis birds working the shoreline
Looking across the harbor from the point
Island Spirit with palm trees, what a beautiful sight

Mark Honeywell, 1937 Boca Chita
Mark Honeywell’s yacht, Olivette, at Boca Chita
Sunrise lights the Boca Chita Lighthouse with IP350 Kismet

GOOGLE MAP of this Boca Chita Location
Zoom in and out with Satellite views to explore

I see why people stay here and simply take a break. It is well protected, it is beautiful, and the lighthouse changes in the various lighting angles from sunrise to sunset. Welcome to paradise, we are so happy to share the trip with everyone….the next stop will be on our way Marathon….

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