Blasting Down Biscayne Bay

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We sailed from South Beach, Miami to Key Largo, 50 NM

After spending just 23 hours in South Beach, we sailed 50+ miles south down Biscayne Bay, raising sails right off the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Miami, near Brickell Point.

Reefed main and jib, 25-30 knots on the beam in flat seas, perfect!

In the stiff 25 to 30 knots of east winds, IP 350 KISMET and Island Spirit sailed at hull speed all day. We had a reefed mainsail and a reefed 135 jib and, when the winds would drop to below 22 knots, we said…”Hey, who turned off the wind?”…we loved it, This will go down as one of the best sailing days in years. Beam winds on Biscayne Bay, flat seas, as in only one foot high, sailing hull speed and loving it along with Kismet!

Jim and Laurie are well known for their IP sailing skills and they actually sail more of the time than any other IP owners we know. They are masters at making their IP move well and they are also very hard to catch up to. It was really a spectacular day of sailing.

We reached Tarpon Basin off Key Largo and there Laurie and Jim hosted us to a delicious BBQ dinner. We had a lovely night on anchor recapping the terrific sailing day. What a beautiful place Tarpon Basin turned out to be, like anchoring in a large round bowl. This was our 7th leg up and down the Keys, but we have never sailed down the Florida Bay.  We usually run this area in two days, anchoring at one of the few suitable spots, Rodriguez Key.

We really liked this side of the Keys as there are so many places to anchor and go ashore. With 30 knots of east winds, that was not an option and the inside route was very calm. Thanks to Laurie and Jim, we now know of another great place to sail. Beautiful!

Here are some photos to enjoy.

Radeen and Laurie, Prosecco GrLs

Leaving Miami over our stern, always a sad sight for us, We love this city.

The final view of Miami while sailing south.
That is IP 350 KISMET way ahead under our jib.

Still chasing our buddy, IP 350 KISMET

IP 350 KISMET, before snagging the first crab pot of their sailing career!

Sunrise on anchor in a calm east wind, Tarpon Basin

The next day was a bit more calm, with only 10-14 knots of south winds. We were able to sail 30 nm from Tarpon Basin to Channel Five, dropping the hook at Jew Fish Hole, just to the SW of Channel 5 and Fiesta Key.

Sailing a lovely 30 mile day in calm seas with a south wind.

Full main sail, full jib
What a beautiful view

IP 350 KISMET underway

Jim looking under the jib 

A boat aground for a long time in shallow  Florida Bay

I love to sail close hauled, look at that wind angle.

The jib is against the spreader tip and the movable jib car is all the way aft.

Dinner on Island Spirit with Laurie and Jim, friends since 2008.

Radeen and Hayden, enjoying another memorable evening.
These last few days of sailing and learning a new area were really fun. Thanks to IP 350 KISMET for showing us the Florida Bay side of the Keys. We hope to learn more about this great area. Tomorrow, it is time to move into Harbour Cay Club in Marathon and take our scheduled one month Christmas docking break. Thank you for sailing along!
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  1. Hull speed on flat water. In over 20+yrs of sailing I can count on one hand (and have fingers left over) when I had conditions like that. And for hours on end! What a treat!

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